WoT: Anton „Evilly” Pankov on the Chinese TDs

„The Chinese TDs will be released as a whole EXCLUSIVELY to the Chinese server, not for the other regions.” – Anton Pankov.

(Seb: In case you are wondering what TDs he’s talking about, check this post)

I’m happy and sad at the same time: Happy that we won’t have more unhistorical clones in the game, and sad because the Chinese tree still needs a proper TD line that is somewhat true to reality. (covered in this article)


16 thoughts on “WoT: Anton „Evilly” Pankov on the Chinese TDs

    1. Not at all. It is a tree of vehicles that never existed with made up stats. Even the blueprints are either made up or fake. So I’m glad we dont have them.


  1. this article doesn’t surprise me LUL most game companies that deal with china have exclusive stuff just for china because reasons only known to china they demand they get something exclusive


    1. WoT China is mostly run by a chinese contractor. Over 60% is held by the chinese contractors part. It’s an entire different gamt. Go play it, 300mm heat pen for all chinese 122mm guns and you can buy all tanks for real money. Even free xp.


  2. Who cares what ewilly thinks, he is a prick. All Wg emplpyees are pricks ahaha. In the new 4th kingdom i will mek all Wg employes work in coal mine ehehe. Im so funne.


  3. Chinese server is just a big mess. You can buy almost any premium tank here. For example, just pay 1450 dollars or 1350 euros if you wanna play Chieftain MK.VI. M48a2,Obj.907,T-22,Obj.777,only 100 euros. Not to mention the 300-pen HEAT for chinese 122mm guns and the abuse of illegal plug-ins like tundra mod and arty red spot…… MOST of the players in Chinese server use Tundra mod and some of them think it should become a legal mod.What a pity!


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