Strv 81 9.17.1 HD Model Pictures

In-Game Comparison to UK Centurion Mk. I:

Thanks to FastestClassic for providing the pictures.


24 thoughts on “Strv 81 9.17.1 HD Model Pictures

  1. it has worse power to weight ratio than EMIL I and that’s a medium tank…. Holly crap. Even now with EMIL when you go to battle IS3 accelerate much better and you reach that 50km/h when you go down from the hill.


    1. Speed or acceleration is not something the British Cent’s did well even. So I did not expect this to be better. That and the Emil is smaller then just about any medium tank anyway. So not that much mass to begin with.


  2. Base Centurion has better ground resistance, about one hundred more horse power, better engine health and better max radio distance. New one has stock APCR ammunition which mean better velocity, it has better turret, and it feels kind smaller. But thats stats on paper, in real situation, the new green Centurion can outplay basic one with no problem just becasuse that speed advantage is useless in hulldown situation.


  3. isnt this a medium? that turret should be on a heavy tank… wouldnt mind it being a heavy so i have a crew trainer for my swedish heavies. anyone know any possible premium heavy tanks for swedish?>


    1. I have no problem with this. Honestly sets the template for the final fix to the cent….it needs the same mantlet for the 7/1 and the Mk 1. When they went HD the cent turret became garbage because of hole behind mantlet.

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  4. I know the awesome and horrible secret behind this thing. Come back to this reply, when they release more information on it :)


    1. Yeah, that’s just making me lmao the way WG already devellop another Premium medium tank for sweden without even annoncing new a completion of the medium branch to tier 10!! XD


      1. Probably because completing a single premium is 100x easier than a whole tech tree, why wait for the tech tree when u can release it now.


        1. Consider the amount of prems WG brought out for last two years, if they spend little bit more efforts we would have loads of mini branches like AMX 30. I still don’t like WG continue the prem floods, and for the last half a year is coming with power creep.


  5. hmm I think arty will rebalance this fast if it tries to fight hulldown mobility is shit alpha is bad gun stats sucks so means camp same position and fire till arty one shoot

    Give it at least 2,5 k dpm maybe it would be okish then still nothing compared to the new op premiums imho


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