Thunderbolt VII Armor Schematics



7 thoughts on “Thunderbolt VII Armor Schematics

  1. ….i smell nerf in future.
    As much i squeeeeee on Thunderbolt VII, its just weird that Thunderbolt VII’s mantlet, which visually similar to Fury, has 170s armor.
    And 124 hull armor kinda ‘what’ considering Jumbo only got like 101 armor.

    Unles that means sekrit tier 6 Shermans buff.


    1. Jumbo is still stronger as it has no MG weakspot and a lower plate at 165mm, giving it 280mm of effective armor. This has a paper lower plate like the Fury. So if that is left in the open, it will be easy to take it out for tier 5 guns even.


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