WoWS: TAP Insider News (20-II-2017)

I had a talk with a guy who claimed that he is working for Kongzhong. It is likely that the tier 10 Chinese line… eh I mean Pan-Asia (Because China-Taiwan relationship) will be Luda (some kind of copycat from Soviet Neustrashimy-class)… This explained why Lesta is using another Neustrashimy design in the video, to avoid making duplicated ships. Nothing is set in stone, so I am not sure either. Especially since the info is from KZ. They had occasions when they were wrong in the past.


29 thoughts on “WoWS: TAP Insider News (20-II-2017)

      1. thecnically it should be more than 2, there’s no official “Pan-Asia” definition but the Pan-Asianism is a ideology meant to unify all the asian nations, at least east and southeast Asia nations
        it could, at least, incude:
        PR of China
        and the autonomous regions:
        Hong Kong
        all from east Asia, Japan as a tree of i’s own and it is politicaly a bad decision to have north and south-koreas together, and I don’t even know if their navys were anything good between WWII and 1953

        other cndidates to help fill the TT would be southeast countries like the Philipines (they said there would be US ships as well) r maybe even the remants of the dutch-indies fleet, among other nations that could even include Australia and New Zeland


  1. Why there’s a need to have a complete PRC/RoC warships. Both had little domestic ships, just bring premiums that will do the job.

    Can WG work on British, French and Italian first.

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      1. I didn’t mind as much because apart from the early tiers which were export vehicles, tier7 => 10 were all domestic-built, or modified sufficient to give a fresh gameplay.

        Take the WZ-120, you can run it as a watered down T-54, or put the 122mm on it and get a ugly brawling bastard of a medium with very high alpha, something that was never-before-seen in WoT, and is still unique to the branch.
        Or the very first tier7 and tier8 light tanks, something else that was never seen, and are still unique to this day thanks to the fast reloading and quick to aim 85mm gun on the tank with the best tier8 LT camo.
        Or even the 113, the very first true heavy/medium hybrid, and arguably still the only one ingame.

        But this ship branch?
        Literally copies of Russian ships. Hand-me-downs, to add insult to injury.
        Even if they tweak torpedo parameters, it’ll just be a branch of Russian ships with different torpedo settings.


              1. So your argument is that it’ll be Russian copies AND US hand-me-downs.

                That’s really not better, that’s more of the same.
                Terrible and pointless.


    1. it might happen that they only release it in Asia at first, since it’s not actually WG who manages the server
      stranger things have happened, like releasing Cieftain being released over there, way before console even existed

      in war thunder, for example, there’s a chinese TT and yet there’s no such thing for ru, eu, and na players, WoWs could o the same and let us keep going with the current plan and give them their TT to get their money


  2. If they’re putting in the Luda, then missiles confirmed. Ludas had missiles equipped from the start, so WG either has to add missiles to the game or come up with some fake ship based on the Luda hull.


    1. I’m still putting my bet that t10 will be the 051 with missiles gone, more AA gun instead. And since it becomes a fake ship it will have some fake name. :)


  3. all good info but, coln’t you guys ask the insider for a hint on the new soviet type of weapon?
    will it be artillery? different calliber from the usual 130mm? will it have ballistic properties? will it require a new mechanic? will it be unguided or guided?etc…


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