Tier V Lights: Complete Stats

Tier: V, Light
HP: 350
Engine: 460 hp
Mass: 24,32 t
Power-to-weight: 18,92 hp/ton
Max speed: +60/-20 km/h
Hull turning speed: 48°/s
Turret turning speed: 48°/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,767/0,863/1,63
Hull armour: 38,1/33,3/31 mm
Turret armour: 50/31/31 mm
View range: 380 m
Radio range: 776,9 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 75mm M3
Alpha Damage: 110/110/175
Penetration: 92/127/38 mm
Damage Per Minute: 1.433,9
Rate of fire: 13,036 rounds/minute
Reload time: 4,603 s
Accuracy: 0,364
Aiming time: 1,82 s
Depression/Elevation: -8°/+18°

M24 Chaffee

Tier: V, Light
HP: 350
Engine power: 460 hp
Mass: 18,39 t
Power-to-weight: 25,01 hp/ton
Max speed: +77,2/-21 km/h
Hull turning speed: 42°/s
Turret turning speed: 45,9°/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,767/0,959/1,63
Hull armor: 25/25/19 mm
Turret armor: 38/25/25 mm
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 776,9 m
Crew: 5

Gun: 75mm M17
Alpha Damage: 110/110/175
Penetration: 96/143/38 mm
Damage Per Minute: 1.678,7
Rounds per minute: 15,261
Reload time: 3,932 s
Accuracy: 0,422
Aiming time: 1,53 s
Depression/Elevation: -10°/+15°

Tier: V, Light
HP: 320
Engine power: 250 hp
Mass: 6,6 t
Power-to-weight: 37,88 hp/t
Max speed: +60/-20 km/h
Hull turning speed: 38°/s
Turret turning speed: 44°/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,151/1,342/2,301
Hull armor: 25/10/15 mm
Turret armor: 20/15/10 mm
View range: 360 m
Radio range: 400 m
Crew: 2

Gun: 75mm SA44L
Alpha Damage: 110/110/175
Penetration: 100/129/38 mm
Damage Per Minute: 1.242,3
Rounds per minute: 11,321
Reload time: 5,3 s
Accuracy: 0,4
Aiming time: 2,3 s
Depression/Elevation: -5°/+13°

Tier: V, Light
HP: 360
Engine: 250 hp
Mass: 14,06 t
Power-to-weight: 21,33 hp/ton
Max speed: +60/-20 km/h
Hull turning speed: 48°/s
Turret turning speed: 50,1°/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,959/1,055/1,822
Hull armor: 37/37/37 mm
Turret armor: 37/37/15 mm
View range: 330 m
Radio range: 630 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 45mm BT-43M
Alpha Damage: 70/70/85
Penetration: 85/120/23 mm
Damage Per Minute: 2.190
Rate of fire: 31,286
Reload time: 1,918 s
Accuracy: 0,384
Aiming time: 1,92 s
Depression/Elevation: -7°/+25°

VK 16.02 Leopard
Tier: V, Light
HP: 380
Engine: 585 hp
Mass: 21,44 t
Power-to-weight: 27,28 hp/ton
Max speed +60/-22 km/h
Hull turning speed: 36°/s
Turret turning speed: 40°/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,959/1,055/2,014
Hull armor: 50/30/30 mm
Turret armor: 50/30/30 mm
View range: 360 m
Radio range: 730 m
Crew: 4

Gun: 30mm M.K. 103A
Alpha Damage: 30/30/40
Penetration: 95/110/15 mm
Damage Per Minute: 1.177
Rate of fire: 39,232 rounds/minute
Reload time: 0,143 s
Reload time (magazine): 16,781 s
Rounds in magazine: 12
Accuracy: 0,46
Aiming time: 1,7 s
Depression/Elevation: -10°/+20°


8 thoughts on “Tier V Lights: Complete Stats

      1. The Chaffee is simply the best among all of the T5 lights. Best VR, good DPM, best mobility.
        It is way too strong while the T-50 is blind as a bat.

        I can see from here a new era of Chaffee statpad. I hope WG’s geniuses balance department will balance this out.


        1. Yeah, if the gun stays, it’s worth it. But it’s been re-classed as light, so I have some doubts they would let it keep the best gun.


    i can live with this rediculous nerfes and even the fact that the m24 will be better in any way possible as long as the M7 will keep its 6pdr gun (ofc without nerfing the reload and prem-ammo pen too hard)!!!


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