ELC AMX will keep the 90 mm gun!

Source: MrConway, WG Staff

„As I myself am an avid fan of the ELC, this news also saddened me greatly, but – all is not lost! :)

  • The tank will have two available guns, the main one 75 mm and optional 90mm one.
  • With the 75mm gun the tank’s turret will be able to traverse 360 degrees.
  • With the 90mm gun the tank will only have limited traverse for its turret (as it is now), but the gun penetration value will be adjusted for the new light tank battle tiers (ie +/-2 matchmaking).
  • The 90mm gun will stay available as a variant gun, because it is mounted on one of the prototypes built. (You can go see it in the Saumur tank museum and I heartily recommend it, the thing is awesome)

And as a special bonus, here are some preliminary stats for both variations:”


26 thoughts on “ELC AMX will keep the 90 mm gun!

    1. Well.. Considering it is the best camouflaged Tier 5 tank, with the second best gun of the Tier (after the Flakbus), is also among the fastest and will now be top Tier (blapping Tier 3 and 4 for 250 dmgs)…
      It seems fair to give it an horribad reload.

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      1. Be happy it even has such a good accuracy.
        This thing is a light tank with a tank destroyer gun, just saying. People still dont get the idra that they’ll be driving scouts and not borderline overpowered attack vehicles anymore.
        For this caliber it should have 0.42 accuracy at least.


  1. I’m going to the Saumur museum in a few weeks.
    I haven’t been there in 10 years, despite it being only 2 hours’ drive away.

    Last time I went as a teenager, I could barely fit inside the ELC (which serves as a children’s playhouse :’D ). I’ll save myself the embarassement and not try to fit in today.

    I’d rather not have the museum crew have to get me out of there by cutting the turret open.
    They’d have to go fetch the scissors from the office, it would just be a hassle.

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    1. Profite bien de ta visite ! c’est vrai que l’ELC est terrible…. si l’expo temporaire est toujours là, il sera à coté du Bat Chat – toujours sans moteur mais bien remis à neuf et de l’AMX 13 75…. si j’en ai l’occasion, je passerai surement faire y faire un tour (je suis membre de l’association des amis du musée) au moins sur le parking :-) début Avril (en vacances à 30km du musée :-) )

      For our “non-french speaking” friends : Enjoy your visit !! It’s true that the ELC is awesome…. if the temporary exhibit is still there, you’ll find it near the Bat Chat (always without motor) but well restored. If I can, I’ll take a quick ride to the Museum (at least on the Parking Lot) (I’m a member of the Museum Friends Association) first week of april.


      1. Merci !
        J’y vais avec un poil de connaissances en plus que la dernière fois, donc je ne serai pas juste entrain de passer d’un véhicule à l’autre sans trop réfléchir.
        Surtout devant le camion QG du Général (majuscule G ! )

        Et puis cette fois, c’est quelques amis (dont étrangers) qui viennent avec, donc je ferai le guide improvisé en deux langues. Un petit test de connaissance.

        Thanks !
        I’ll be going with a bit more knowledge than last time, so I won’t be going from one vehicle to the next without thinking.
        Especially in front of the General’s HQ truck (read: General Leclerc, which is in terms of fame maybe juste one tiny step below General De Gaulle)

        And this time, it’s with a few friends (including foreigners), so I’ll be an improved tour guide in two languages. A small knowledge test.


      1. I don’t remember the museum having particularily rare tanks.
        But I’ll try to get a few snaps of the two Italian WWII era tanks they have.

        And obviously of the Vespa with a recoilless rifle.
        Stronk baguette engineering.
        Can penetrate Jean-Pierre’s Citroen at 1km with a 75mm dried baguette AP shell.

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  2. good to see im also glad they amended the pen as needed because 170 at tier 5 when the rest of the lts have about 90 would’ve been insane.


    1. if they said they not releasing the current obj 252U i’d be so happy.

      but lets face it. WG is enjoying stabbing themselves to much.

      should we call a doctor for them?

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  3. Good to see they at least balanced it on pen and aim time.
    However .38 on 90mm but .4 on 75mm ? Wouldnt the logic be that higher caliber is less stable ?


  4. This is good and keeping in the spirit of historicity; granted that this isn’t one of my bread-and-butter tanks but if the damn thing had a 90mm in real life it should keep the 90mm in the game. Be nice if the AMX 40 was given a mobility upgrade at the same time.


  5. this looks pretty good, except from one thing: why is the DPM so low? chaffee has 1600 dpm and thig little guy has 1200 with the same alpha (using little gun)… this doesn’t make much sense… i don’t mean it should have 1600dpm, but at least give it 1300-1400… the 90mm looks pretty fun, but why don’t give it simply the BDR statistics? (aka 135AP pen and 170 APCR pen? otherwise you’re just forcing people to use apcr all the time even against other tier Vs with that aim time). Still, this idea of keeping the 90mm is very good, i was afraid ELC would be destroyed when put in tier Vmm.


    1. I’d hasten to add, the gold ammo on the little gun looks a little bit underwhelming… 129 pen with apcr at tier V? the chaffee has less pen on AP and way more on apcr, combined with better DPM.. how does that make sense?


  6. Ok fine WG, thank you for respecting a bit history! :) But.. It’s still not the good solution. Just freakin’ rise it to tier 8! This little monster is just not balanceable at tier 5! Give it also siege mode! It will brought a lot of novelty to the gameplay of the French light tank line by doing so!! ;)


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