ELC AMX will keep the 90 mm gun!

Source: MrConway, WG Staff

„As I myself am an avid fan of the ELC, this news also saddened me greatly, but – all is not lost! :)

  • The tank will have two available guns, the main one 75 mm and optional 90mm one.
  • With the 75mm gun the tank’s turret will be able to traverse 360 degrees.
  • With the 90mm gun the tank will only have limited traverse for its turret (as it is now), but the gun penetration value will be adjusted for the new light tank battle tiers (ie +/-2 matchmaking).
  • The 90mm gun will stay available as a variant gun, because it is mounted on one of the prototypes built. (You can go see it in the Saumur tank museum and I heartily recommend it, the thing is awesome)

And as a special bonus, here are some preliminary stats for both variations:”