FV201 (A45) Available on EU

Price: 40 €



15 thoughts on “FV201 (A45) Available on EU

      1. Exactly, I can still remember the rage back then and rightly so when it happened. Also we had to wait a lot longer before it was even released on EU server. Quite a miracle that EU had the chance to get the FV 4202 for free in a marathon.

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  1. Ever wanted a premium heavy tank, that is not the TOG II, but were afraid to waste gold? Fear not, WG has you covered with the FV201 (A45), a tank with the gun of the tog, the armor of the tog, the speed of the tog if it was on skates. Pinch your enemies to death while taking punches directly to the face. The plus is, it is smaller than the tog.

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    1. I think it just needs its accuracy buffed to Black Prince level and max speed should be 40kph and then it will be fine imo. Actually, it will be at least as good as the BP, trading armor for mobility.

      The turret is already better than the Centurion’s, even though it’s supposed to have the same turret as a Mk.2. It’s obv worse than a BP’s turret.


  2. Shitty tank, let’s be honest, that’s what it is. Shit pen, shit armor, shit dispersion, shit match making, shit mobility.
    Same gun as the TOG II and AC4 Experimental, but on a heavy tank one tier higher. It should get at least significantly better dispersion and somewhat better gun handling.
    Also considering that Heavy Tank no 6 gun is getting a huge buff to penetration that is going to be a crazy 194mm on a tier 6 heavy, all the other guns from the premium tanks should be analysed and buffed somewhat.


    1. I bought it yesterday. The only thing I feel is bad about the gun is the max accuracy. Handling is OK for me with VertStab, it can poke and shoot over small lumps in the ground pretty well.

      It’s obviously not a particularly great tank, but I don’t think it’s as bad as people say it is, the mobility is quite good even if the top speed is low and the turret armor is pretty troll. It’s basically just a slower, better turreted stock Centurion with 2 degrees frontal gun depression to me.


    2. *** Also considering that Heavy Tank no 6 gun is getting a huge buff to penetration that is going to be a crazy 194mm on a tier 6 heavy … ***

      To state it correctly, the Heavy Tank No.6 has 145 pen with upcoming 194 for gold rounds. So please be correct !
      The 201 has 171 pen with about 240 pen with gold rounds …


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