9.17 vs 9.17.1 Panther Model Comparison




16 thoughts on “9.17 vs 9.17.1 Panther Model Comparison

  1. From my point of view it looks Panther is still too high on its suspension. This is especially obvious when comparing Panther model side by side with that of VK 30.02

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        1. Which ports? You are looking at Ausf. D, which could be better compared with ingame VK 30.02 instead of ingame Panther, which resembles late Ausf. G and Ausf. F.


            1. Like I sad, the photos here are Panther Ausf. D. These tanks had slit and hatch in the frontal armour like VK 30.02. Starting from Panther Ausf. A the slit was gradually (excluding early machines) changed into the ball mantle. Finally Ausf. G had the frontal driver’s hatch removed as a standard. This can not be taken as a general rule as there vere many intermediate variants. Generally speaking WG’s Panther is correct with these as it resembles late production Ausf. G with standard turret or Schmalturm, with which these were tested. Maybe only the recession (welding) around the ball mount is to deep, but the fucked up height annoys me more than this.


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