WoT: NA February Overview

With February around the corner, we’re prepping what the month has to offer. It’s a good mix of regular specials and events to keep you moving up through the ranks.

New-Player Missions

Special missions happen all month to help new players get how tanks tick, with each week featuring a certain nation.


Premium Tank Sales

Many offers are available in February, so keep an eye on the Premium Shop for that special vehicle you’re dreaming of.

Special Occasions

Don’t miss out on special sales and discounts during these holidays!

  • Feb. 2-6: Groundhog Day
  • Feb 10-15: Valentine’s Day
  • Feb. 24-28: Carnival

Tank Mastery

Earn an Ace Tanker Mastery Badge* and flaunt your skills with an “Ace Tanker” emblem!

On Track*