WG Closes a RU WoT Community

It seems that Wargaming is seriously taking care of public groups that bring light (news) to World of Tanks. Not that long ago, even a major Russian WoT news source, WoTLeaks VK, recieved a complaint from Wargaming.
Yesterday, by the directive of Wargaming, a famous public news group, called “WoT – Borax News” (https://vk.com/vorax_wot) was banned. This group posted quite a lot of interesting information about clan life in WoT.
It is still unknown why they were banned, since they didn’t post any illegal content.
PS: WG claims that they promoted „account boosting services”. We don’t know how true that statement is yet. I personally think that they just love censoring what they don’t like. Just like in the old USSR!