Object 252U Defender Coming on EU

Huge thanks to Ivan Maceček for sending this to me:


„The official Czech WoT Facebook page posted info about the new Obj 252U Defender, confirming that it will also come on EU.

They said: “After the Liberté and Patriot, it is now time for a Soviet hero tank!


13 thoughts on “Object 252U Defender Coming on EU

  1. With camo and without i can´t belive what i am reading!!!
    After all they still didn´t manage to give us Clown and Patriot without the camo despite them being on sale several times.

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    1. WG eu will probably never sell it now without the camo. Even after all the feedback many months ago they still offered it without sadly for the past 2 weekends. Missed oppurtunity but better for me, now I know for certain I won’t buy one. Keeping the cash for things I really want instead of spending it on things I don’t really need.


  2. Comes with Stalin advanced auto-bounce armor + experimental auto-pen gun. Best tier 9 tier 8 of the latest batch of non preferential mm tier 9’s tier 8.

    I didn’t fell for the other ones but this’ll probably be the IS3 of premium tanks so… I guess I’ll take it.


  3. Why do you have the US in small letter , when it should be the other way around US, eu sounds about right since we are better then all or your eu combined


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