TAP Insider: WG is reconsidering the EU Tree (WoT)

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Note: this pic is just an old fan proposal of the unified EU tree. It does not represent how the possible future tree would look like, it’s just here to show a list of vehicles not included yet ingame. Please, do not cite it as real.

„WG is considering the unified EU tree again. It’s not yet decided yet, they just revived the idea a few weeks ago. Every upcoming European country would be included in it (the Italian tree for example), including the existing Czech and Swedish trees, in order to make a „forest”. Leading figures in WG believe that WoT has „too much content”. ”.

Seb: I was a major fan of the EU tree idea since the very beginning, but I am afraid about what will happen to the current existing branches. As much as I want Romanian and more Hungarian tanks in the game, I don’t want existing tech trees to lose vehicles. Every nation that fielded tanks during WW2 needs to have them represented in game at some point in time, but I say some nations take more time to implement (as a member of the team working on the Romanian tree, finding enough information to make the proposal accurate and realistic is a very difficult task, same deal with Yugoslavian tanks – lack of material). And about the „too much content” thing, well, I only see too much content in terms of Soviet and Chinese clones. But hey, that’s just me. What do you think?