Minsk Insider News


„According to the insider, the whole “cream” (meaning, in this context, best people) of Wargaming have arrived at Yad La Shiryon, that Israeli museum of armored vehicles.

Seb: this should be pretty suggestive. WG is interested in Israeli vehicles, which means they want to implement them ingame.


23 thoughts on “Minsk Insider News

    1. therealusedtolietpaperbyapig.
      That is a classic.
      But you need to photoshop it a bit. Jews have an even more hooked nose, we use them to fish all your gentile money.
      And since most gentiles have an IQ of around 2, it is easy to get your money.


        1. Not in the slightest.
          Maybe upload some classy Newspaper Articles from Der Sturmer.
          I think that there are loads of people that like this site that would enjoy Julius Stricher’s work.


  1. and in his gaming day, Jehovah said: “Let there be Clones!!!”. And no other commandment could´ve pleased the greedy WG more than this, so they hastily complied and went to Yad La Shyrion to study the paints they´ll apply to existing french, german and murican armor in game and sell it to its followers as a “new” tech tree…


  2. Id say it means, they want their best people to make a decision, once and for all, whether there are enough tanks for a tree or not. they may all decide there arent enough and put the matter to bed. im curious to see what they decide.


  3. Interesting museum with lots of adapated tanks. Admittedly the chasis tend to come from other nations, but the Israelis were pretty inventive with what they did to German, Russian, French, British and American tanks.

    So even if no Israeli branch (and I do not think that they will do one for political reasons although WG are full of surprises), there are plenty of real tanks in the museum that could be measured up and used as premiums for other nations.


    1. Arthur, is WG part of a political movement?
      I mean, their forums are governed like North Korea monitors their own civilians internet.

      Why would there be a problem to implement an Israeli tech tree due to political issues?
      Do you even know what the conflict is?
      Is there a chance that you are aware that the legal definition (as per actual binding international law) of the land conflict between Israel and the invented in 1963 by an Egyptian, Palestinian nation is actually over not occupied land, but rather disputed land? Since Judea and Samaria were taken by Israel from Jordan, which captured the land in the same manner that Israel did, by military force, and Jordan’s being in that area was recognized only by 2 nations. UK and Pakistan.

      But what does this dispute have to do with a capitalist gaming company?

      You would not grind a line of Israeli tanks and artillery? Your loss probably. No Senior Technical Advisor for you.


    1. mememachine.
      Because polish tanks fought in WW2. They were mostly horses, but still.
      Swedish tanks fought too.
      Italian tanks were in excellent condition when they were captured by the Allies, since they were only fired up one time. The forward gears were as new, the reverse gears however, had significant wear and tear.
      The guns were box fresh.

      Romanian and Hungarian tanks, as well as CZ tanks, were actually used, albeit in service of Germany.
      French tanks were mostly used as target practice.

      And that is not even going into the cut and paste that exists in many tech trees.

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