Saint-Chamond tank video


6 thoughts on “Saint-Chamond tank video

  1. *4th wall break Guess I can’t edit comments so I have to make another one… did not know that…*

    That thing is the rolling personification of the phrase “It’s a bad Idea”… Like I know its WWI tech, but even then I can’t believe they made 400 of these things…


    1. They did get stuck a bit everywhere so were not liked much at first, but interestingly enough when the war started moving again in 1918, they appreciated having a mobile and armored 75mm gun.

      And you have to remind yourself that the two most famous tanks of that war, the British rhomboid tanks and the FT both had critical faults that seem obvious in hindsigth, respectively no suspensions at all, and a chassis so small that the driver had the gunner/commander/loader’s two feet on his shoulders, which was incidentally the only way for the commander to give orders to the driver.


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