Supertest 9.17.1 Patchnotes

Please keep in mind that this is a preliminary set of features for 9.17.1. We’ll reveal the final details just before release.
Update 9.17.1 is headed into Supertest, and it’s jam-packed with game-shaping changes to multiple features. We’re also excited to begin our breakdown of everything that’s in store. This update will bring a salvo of features: enhanced representation of technical characteristics and improved damage log panel, sound tweaks and additions to vehicle comparison, along with a massive Tech Tree revision. Strongholds mode is in for a few adjustments as well.

Check out the detailed change set below to see what’s on the way.

The Supertest happens in the early stages of development—typically a month and a half before final release—and involves checking the changes of a new update and searching for the most critical issues before open testing. World of Tanks Supertests are divided into production tests (new maps, balancing vehicles, etc.), and version tests (the entirety of the update).

Once Supertests are complete, Common Tests begin, and those are available to all players interested in trying out the new features.

Changes to Tech Trees

As mentioned recently, we’re reinforcing our commitment to bring Tech Trees up to speed with the game as it stands today. In 9.17.1, this includes smoothing the progression to the top tiers of the German, Japanese, and American lines in particular, plus tackling some balance issues and introducing several all-new tanks.

Full rundown:

  • Germany
  • Japan
  • U.S.A.

To make its overall structure more consistent, the German Tech Tree will get two completely new heavies: the VK100.01P (Tier VIII) and Mäuschen (Tier IX). Massive and heavily-armoured, these two will combine powerful guns with decent protection and poor mobility. Gameplay-wise, they’ll be more similar to the Maus than its current predecessors: the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A and VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B. That’s why the Maus will be placed after the Mäuschen. It’ll also receive a shorter reload time, better gun handling, and thickеr frontal armor.
At the same time, the VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A and VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B resemble the VK 72.01(K) a lot. So, we’ll create a very similar tank and make it Tier X on their branch. If you earned the VK 72.01(K) on Global Map, it will remain a Premium vehicle in your Garage. You’ll be able to transfer its crew to another vehicle for free and without training. The VK 72.01(K) will also receive a unique camo and equipment loadout.Following Tech Tree revisions, German heavy tanks will get a few of their combat parameters changed. The nation’s medium vehicles will see a number of improvements too. We’ll share a full list of balance tweaks soon, so stay tuned.

As of now, the Japanese Type 4 and Type 5 HEAVY are rarely seen on battlefields: they are somewhat inferior to their peers in terms of mobility and find it difficult to fight evenly with them in combat. It won’t stay this way for long, though. As you know, the trademark of tier V–VIII Japanese heavies are their HE shells and guns, so we are going to give them to the Type 4 and Type 5 HEAVY as well.

Overall gameplay has changed a lot since the T28, T28 Prototype, and T95 rolled out on Tiers VIII and IX. They lack mobility in today’s World of Tanks, so we’re going to give them a considerable speed boost, gearing them up for more dynamic combat.

Balance Tweaks

We’ve kept a watchful eye on battle stats and will introduce a series of tweaks to punch up underperforming vehicles and prevent their more powerful counterparts from upsetting overall balance:

Decreased armor protection of the commander’s cupola.
Armor protection of the sides, behind the roller wheels, decreased from 254 mm to 76.2 mm.
The T110E5 commander’s cupola is near impossible to penetrate with regular shells in all but a small section. We will tweak the cupola armor to make it more even across its surface. It’ll still have robust protection, but a good shot with regular rounds will do the job.

Grille 15

Engine power decreased from 900 h.p. to 850 h.p.
Maximum reverse speed decreased from 20 km/h to 15 km/h.
Reload time of the 15 cm PaK L/63 gun increased from 16.5 s to 18 s.
Gun depression angle decreased from -8° to -7°.
Velocity of the Pzgr. shell for the 15 cm PaK L/63 gun decreased from 1,350 m/s to 1,200 m/s.
Changes to engine power, reverse speed, and gun depression are designed to make a more pronounced TD out of the Grille 15, while the reduced DPM puts its combat efficiency more on par with same-tier vehicles.

Replaced the shells with the ones from the T-34-85 Rudy:
UBR-365K (160/126) replaced by UBR-365KBM (180/144).
UBR-365P (160/167) replaced by UBR-365PBM (180/194).
UOF-365K (280/43) replaced by UOF-365BM (300/44).
View range increased from 350 m to 360 m.
Dispersion on hull traverse and on the move decreased from 0.24 m to 0.22 m.
Dispersion decreased from 0.42 m to 0.37 m.
Aiming time decreased from 2.5 s to 2.2 s.
We tweaked the T-34-85M’s penetration power and gun handling parameters to make it more efficient. Following the balance changes, it plays as a less mobile, but better armored version of the Т-34-85.

Centurion Mk. I
Centurion Mk. 7/1
Maximum forward speed increased from 40 km/h to 50 km/h.
Reload time of the OQF 20-pdr Gun Type A Barrel for the Centurion Mk. III turret decreased from 8 s to 7.5 s.
Reload time of the 105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A1 for the Centurion Mk. 9 turret decreased from 12 s to 11.2 s.
The two Centurions will gain improved mobility and receive better gun parameters, to cement their place as medium tanks.

Maximum forward speed increased from 40 km/h to 50 km/h
The FV 4202’s maximum speed will be increased so that it can keep up with the Centurions.

Damage Log Improvements

We’re continuing to incorporate useful elements from your favourite third-party modifications. This time, the battle UI is getting a detailed “received damage” log. This includes ribbons for the damage amounts, shell type, critical hits, and the name and type of the vehicle that hit you. Conversely, we’ll remove ribbons that aren’t as useful: machinegun fire ribbons and detailed log messages will only display the total amount of damage caused by a series of shots.

Finally, 9.17.1 will introduce a new setting for adjusting the width of the dynamic damage indicators, indicating how much damage you receive or block. These additions will make it easier to evaluate ever-changing combat situations and quickly adjust your battle plan.

Vehicle Comparisons

We heard your requests to expand the list of comparable stats, and we’re pleased to say this is coming with 9.17.1. Soon, you can examine vehicles’ mounted equipment, Crew Skills/Perks, consumables and camo.

Tweaks to “Simple” Technical Characteristics

With over 500 vehicles to choose from, it’s crucial to get the maximum information on each, whether it’s already in your Garage and you want the full rundown on specs, or you’re thinking about researching or purchasing it. In 9.17.1, we’ll build on the simple tech characteristics display to make it more informative. One-time cost equipment that affects combat performance (e.g., Binocular Telescope and Camouflage Net) will display their familiar icons. On top of that, you’ll see how much of a bonus they give you in solid numbers.

Also, as you have requested we’ll be replacing the “Standard Shell Penetration” and “Standard Shell Damage” ranges with an average number for each, shown in the Garage and Vehicle Preview Mode. If you prefer the current range displays, they will still be shown in a tooltip.

Finally, you’ll be given more details when choosing ammo types. The default type will be marked in a tooltip on the shell. And you can see it compared to others, right in the tooltip, which will make it a lot easier to choose the most useful shell for the job.


A brand-new, simpler “Offensive” format will replace Battles for Strongholds. It differs from the old format in a few ways:

  • Defeat doesn’t result in structures being pillaged. The winner’s earnings will depend directly on the level of their Stronghold.
  • You don’t need to defend a Stronghold every day. It’s up to a Clan to decide whether to engage in “Attacks” or not.
  • Matching is automated, so it’s impossible to choose a certain Clan to attack.

With the removal of pillages and mandatory daily battles, it would have been too easy to reach the top levels of Strongholds development. As a result, War Departments, which are now mainly used by top clans who earned their stripes in combat, would become available to more players. All clans would rush to level up and receive tasks with valuable rewards, which would disrupt the fair play environment. To prevent this from happening, we’ll replace War Departments with challenges, dubbed “War Games,” where clans that participate in Skirmishes and Offensives will compete for rankings in different categories. Those who end up at the top will receive Gold, Advanced Reserves, and other rewards.

IMPORTANT: This change will be implemented after the 9.17.1 release.

Also, you’ll notice a new option for Skirmishes. When creating a detachment, you can open it for others to join, similar to Team Battles and Tank Companies. Whether you’re new and want to try Skirmishes, or fought in a few as a legionnaire or volunteer, just browse through the list of available detachments in a special screen and choose.


If you love to go all unconventional with game sounds, it’s time to celebrate! Starting in 9.17.1, audio files will be available to modders, while those using third-party voiceovers or sound packs can personalize their experience by tweaking almost every in-game sound.

Deeper under the hood, 9.17.1 also marks the transition to Wwise 2016.2.

Reworked Minimaps

Finally, a new bunch of maps get remastered minimap art: Training Area, Overlord, Stalingrad, Empire’s Border, Sacred Valley, Stalingrad, and Fiery Silent.



92 thoughts on “Supertest 9.17.1 Patchnotes

    1. Sorry this is pure BS. Yeah the Grille was a bit OP but didnt need to be nerfed. And yes E5 also OP, but it has a huge tumor for a cupola, while IS7 has no visible cupola but same 400M view range. Why? Reasons (maybe Russian).

      There are many ways to balance E5 but dont make it a useless Brawling tank that can be easily penned by Tier 8 mediums frontally.

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      1. IS7 doesn’t have a laser gun. Doesn’t have E5s gun depression. Doesn’t have E5s mobility. Doesn’t have E5s DPM. Doesn’t have have E5s OP heat ammo. The only thing IS7 has is the good turret which is useless cuz your gun depression sux ass. So you need to expoose your weak hull to fire. If you still think IS7 is OP. You clearly don’t know this game

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          1. IS7s 50+ top speed can only be achieved when going down hill smart ass. On a flat ground lr going up hill. E5 is always faster. Not to mention turret and hull travers. You never played tier 10 strongholds/clan wars. There is a good reason clans use E5s and 113s instead of IS7s. Clan with working brains anyways.


              1. Jake no1 call you name, or try to be rude to you, mayb u are right IS-7 can reach around 40-44km/h on flat rough ground (no way reach 50 with going downhill), but e5 have better soft stat to give it a overall better mobility, maintain at higher speed in all terrain as to compare to IS-7. you can have a lot at the soft stats:


            1. No its not. In hard ground it keep 45kmh.

              Tons of clans use IS7s, but the fact is E100s are usually a better choice if you need true heavies. However for speed runs with AMX50b where its important to grab frontal positions its always 50b+Is7.

              E5 has solid frontal armor now, but still no where near the IS7`s especially when getting its lower plate covered. Also E5`s get rekt by arty like mediums do with 13mm top armor.
              Next side armor is so damned important in CW and team play and IS7 sides are simply magical. They have 40% of the side that simply cannot take DMG because muliplated angles. And the other 60% is covered in very thick angled side armor and tracks.

              Good clans tend to use the E5 because its nimble and is perfectly in between heavies and mediums where as the IS7 is a straight heavy. The fastest super heavy by far though. And if you get a IS7 beek covered, it literally is god mode, not even 400mm HEAT pens it.

              E5 is also so popular because its the perfect pubstomper. Its not the best in anything, but very good at many things. And it should be considering the US gets screwed on most things.

              Heavy line besides E5 is weak as hell.
              -T1, M6, are all trumped by Ruski 122mm 390 alpha OP tanks.
              -T29 kept geting nerfed so often and so many times it is solid now, but not nearly what it was. Still is 8/10
              -T32 hs just been so power crept on its bad now. not even 200 pen at T8? 320 alpha? Lowest DPM? Lol
              -T34 is the worst of the worst, All the bad things about T32 but worse. Lowest DPM BAR NONE. Longer aimtime than Jap/KC Derps, T7 armor [it literally is a T29] penned by T6 scouts. The worst gun handling of all. Bad speed but worse is the over 15 sec reload that will derop shells because gun handling sucks. And all this for what? 248 pen and 400 alpha. Well guess what Is3 has 225mm/390 dmg and is 19x better. Armored, fast and all round great.

              -M103 has long been lacking. Its a much bigger slower and terribly armored E5. In a class with amazing tanks this sucks now.

              Dont even get me started on how the Swedish autoloaders and the 50b now having -10 depression have made the T57 a joke. Great you can empty a clip fast…And then die because you backup super slow, have crappy armor with the worst depression in tier now and by far the slowest speed.

              Ok so it was great, but they killed that, hard. Its nerf to aimtime and bloom just killed it and after Swedish tanks elevated everything m it got left behind.

              T71 outdone by all other T7 scouts. T69 is a joke now, a slow inaccurate low pen medium that does nothing well. T54e1 is our t9 heavy? A slow huge medium with heavy size, medium armor and medium gun. It forces you to run prem only.

              US meds are in even worse shape. M48 is accurate, but only useful in pubs because they chose a 1948 tank, to fight 1970`s tanks because…US SUCKS.

              T54 in game which is really a T55 with a frankentank hull 20mm to thick, has a 1970s engine, a prototype gun from 65, a hull that broke the suspensions it was so heavy and is somehow 250 HP better than RL.
              It competes vs a M46 Patton that was designed in 1944 and has nothing special at all. Its a huge fast firing soft medium.

              We should have a M60a1 at minimum with a turret with same protection levels as a E5 pretty much. Viable cupola with amazing turret armor. At leas then these huge tanks could compete by abusing terrain like Swedish tanks.


        1. Or the retards could learn to aim at its lower that a T8 medium can pen, or flank its sides that are 76mm and have a ammorack half the length of the tracks, or take advantage of the fact its the slowest to reverse and cannot do it.

          But why make people work for it, that takes to many braincells.

          If E5 is OPm then Rus meds have been OP since they were made. They are infact better in there class than E5 is in its.

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    2. Srsly? E5 sesperately needed a weakspot that was actually reliable to standard AP, Grille needed a little adjustment because it was essentially a Leopard with a BLAP gun.

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  1. Overall it looks good, but it wouldn’t be WG if there wasn’t something stupid – Stronghold changes. Obviously they need to explain them further, but from this text it seems they butchered it.


  2. YES they finally nerfed the fucking e5 it took them too long imo but better late than never i guess also holy crap those uk med buffs are incredible :D if all these changes go through we could see a dramatic shift in the tanks played in the games current meta :)

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    1. btw cent 7/1 was already a fantastic tank so to me this seems slightly unnecessary but ill take it getting even better than it already is :D


    2. While these buffs are needed still not a fantastic tank. The HD rework made the turret pure shit. Need to make turret equivalent to before where there wasnt a hole behind the mantlet and then we are talking about something.

      Currently mantlet for Cent is 134-152 effective armor.


    3. No.

      While the E5 is OP, nerfing the turret will make this as useful as an E4. Making it so a Tier 8 medium can pen tank frontally is not the answer… Tweak side armor, DPM, ground resistance etc. If you can flank an E5 or get to LP it is easily penned.

      IS7 has same view range, no cupola, and therefore will be much better as a front line tank again. Not sure if you want cookie cutter matchups that are 50% IS7 based.


      1. The IS7’s turret is the only thing it has going for it. The mobility sucks total shit. The gun sucks total shit. The lower plate is massively easier to shoot than the E5’s and autopen(plus you lose the driver every time from a lower plate shot). The upper plate gets penetrated with the slightest angle. The IS-7 is a garbage tank and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t agree. Stop pretending the e5 nerf isn’t warranted. Unless you’re just another one of the flavor of the month shitlords that plays whatever tank is the most easymode atm and are trying to protect your totally balanced e5 that totally doesn’t invalidate nearly every other tier10 HT.

        Are you SERIOUSLY bringing up viewrange on brawling tanks? Please… You shitters make my head hurt with your inhuman stupidity. Do tell me how IS-7 having 400VR or 380VR makes a single difference when it is a frontline tank on maps that encourage 100m brawls.

        “tweak side armor, DPM, ground resistance”

        ???? Tweak the side armor from what? the current 44-76mm down to… 50mm, less? The side armor is irrelevant. Ground resistance is irrelevant as its HP/ton is high and top speed is low. You could give it IS-7 resistances and it would be barely slower than it is now.

        I need to stop reading comments on this site. It’s like the official forums but without ‘game is rigged!!’ posts.

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      2. people think the is7 is some god like monster that can win in every situation it gets into. that couldnt be further from the truth. its massive its nowhere near as quick as people think it is its got one of the most frustrating guns ive ever used. you can be at point blank range totally clear shot at an e100s lower plate then fire 5 shots have 1 hit the upper plate 1 hit the turret and 2 hit the tracks while only 1 goes where you aimed its such a pain… it also has abysmal aim time and the turret is really the only plus point it has. its not that quick it cant side siderscrape because the armor behind the tracks is far too weak and the tank needs to be either hull down or in a position where its lower plate is impossible to hit because it gets penned by everything if you show any of the lower plate. where as the e5 has been the ultimate idiot tank. seriously ive seen a bot e5 win a game because it sat in spawn the entire game did nothing then the last 3 teammates on my team couldnt get around the thing and couldnt take a hit because they were all 1 shots so the auto aiming e5 bot beat 2 tier 9s and a tier 10 on its own because the 3 guys couldnt out maneuver it and could pen it. that would happen in an is7 because the reload is soo long and the rng on the gun is soo much worse not to mention the is7 armor is actually penetrable by tier 9s and 10s.


  3. About F time they fixed the E5. As they admitted they gave the cupola 2x more armor then first planned and it was not intended to be that good. And it’s taken them over a year to fix it. Though that said… I’m glad I won the T-34-85M via the tank museum mission now. As that pen buff will make it rather good.

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  4. So if I own the 45.02B and have the Maus unlocked but not purchased, will I:

    A) keep the Maus unlocked and the 72.01 becomes unlocked as well, or

    B) does the unlocked status transfer to the 72.01 only (since it’s technically after the 45.02B now) and I have to regrind the Maus line from Tier 8 all over again?

    I just want to know if I should do something to maximize my tanking potential (read: not have to regrind anything). Should I make a concerted effort to purchase the Maus (low funds is why I haven’t thus far) so that I have it and they can’t take it away from me (assuming B above). Now assume I buy the Maus now and it stays in my garage post patch, will I automatically have the 72.01 unlocked or will the reverse happen and I have regrind all over for the 72.01?

    To be fair, I’ve never been on the receiving end of redone tank lines, so I’ve never paid much attention to the end-user changes and how it impacts your garage. Thanks in advance.


    1. you will most likely keep the maus unlocked. WG want you to grind the new tier x tanks and the new tier 8 if you want to try them… just because you get to keep the maus unlocked doesn’t mean all tanks leading up to maus will be unlocked.


      1. I don’t expect, nor want the tanks leading up to the Maus to auto-unlock. I’m actually excited to work through them on my own, so no issues there. What I don’t want is to go through the 200kish grind again on the 45.02B to (re)unlock the tank after it.


          1. You played yours years ago, it’s different now when there’s these broken tier 8 premiums everywhere, plus the gun trades relatively bad and the bad mobility just doesn’t allow it to continue putting fire down range, it’s a bad tank in my book :^)


            1. If the BP is now bad, then where does that leave the mk VII? Oh wait, if the Church VII was terrible two years ago, and I never have an issue dealing with them, then it must be wonderful now :^)


  5. CDC already get power creeped , same with STA2. But at least STA2 CDC have better DPM, gun dispersion and hull traverse speed than buffed FV42

    Feel very sorry for Panther88, that poor tank still get owned by every other tier 8 meds


  6. I don’t understand, why they nerf Grille, but so long nothing do with British TD’s. Common, with HESH they have 210mm penetration and 1750 alpha dmg. Shooting without aiming to IS7 front >700dmg, no problem, no problem..


  7. Well, I thought I was about to elite the whole of German TT with just the Grille 15 remaining… guess I’ll grind for a bit longer


  8. What is the third minimap shown ? “Empire’s Border” ?
    It doesnt look like anything we have in game now (unless I’m starting to get alzheimer…)

    And dat Grille nerf lmao, 18s reload… This is a TD not a heavy, why is this nerfed :/

    And still no info on how will the Maus/VK transition be made ?
    Will Maus owners have the new tanks researched ? Will the owners have the VK for free ?
    If we own a VKB do we keep it and get Mauschen for free or are we screwed on our grind and have to regrind either because now we are on the wrong tierX line either because the tank we liked turned into another one ?
    And crews ?
    So many important questions…


  9. Love the British MT buffs. Centurion Mk.7/1 best all-round t9 MT. Centurion Mk.1 now makes STA-1 feel even more power creep after the STA-2 buff.

    And FV4202 is worth to buy now I guess? When there’ll be 15% discounts on t8 prems I think I will pick it up.

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    1. No, even with this buff FV 4202 is not worth it, imo.

      Now, IF they gave it the same RoF buff that Cent 1 is getting, then yes, it would be a SWEET tank.
      (It would probably make it slightly OP, but then again, there is already Patriot, Skorpion etc., so….)


  10. There was no need to nerf E5’s tumor.
    What they could have done is nerf it’s DPM… that would stop it from being OP but wouldn’t make it useless


    1. Since when do you pubbies abuse your own reload anyway? Do you honestly think nerfing its reload by 0.5 – 1 sec would change a single thing? You guys tend to sit around with your indecisive thumbs shoved too far up your assholes to ever even consider abusing reloads.


      1. Who said 0.5 seconds ?
        It should have a similar or a little worse DPM than IS-4 (that is almost 2s longer) and on top of that i would also nerf it’s aiming time and dispersion values because people play it like a really well armored medium tank.

        Giving it back the old shitty tumor is the worst thing they can to because then it goes back to old days when it was useless on the ridge lines.

        Also how can you not learn to pen this tank’s hull in such a long period of time ?
        All you need to know is – under the pike and left/right half of the lower plate… simple as that.


    2. The whole problem of the “e5 is broken” discussion is the fact that WG themselves over-buffed the thickness of the cupola and made it practically impenetrable with standard ammo, the “weakspot” is about as thick as a string on your screen, so there were no reliable way to pen the thing hulldown without double tapping 2.
      DPM nerfs are unnecessary.


  11. As of now, the Japanese Type 4 and Type 5 HEAVY are rarely seen on battlefields: they are somewhat inferior to their peers in terms of mobility and find it difficult to fight evenly with them in combat.

    Arty loading AP > boom fat heavy tank is dead never happens

    /sarcasm off

    T110E5 was a crap tank in the last year for me(see E5 > focus E5 + premium ammo as a cherry on the top).


  12. Oh great.
    Eliting Tiger P would be more longer to do now. Not like this tank is good in first place…

    But damn that Centurion buff, i hope it will stick.


  13. Wow, G15 absolutely rekt with nerfs, guess I’m selling mine when 9.17.1. goes live. But hey, these nerfs are consistant with WGs stance to make tds useless.


  14. So they nerf the cupola on the E5 after removing weak spots from the frontal armor of several heavy tanks and after adding the Patriot and the Liberte which are gold baits? Apparently they have no plan.


  15. Reading those comments … lol
    Just type in YouTube “clan wars tier X’ and check what stuff serious clans use for HT brawling. Any real super heavies like Type 5, IS-4, Maus ? Nope. Cuz E5 currently f… them all together with insane combo armor+gun+mobility. IS-7 is out of meta because of sh.t depression and bad gun/poor APCR gold shells.


    1. IS-7 is mostly out of it because 113 got buffed. 113 has similar strong turret, super mobility and violent DPM. The hull is garbage even frontally but solid clans need solid guns and mobility more than they need the unreliable troll armour on IS-7.


  16. well, I for one welcome the needed nerf of the E5 cupola. before the HD-model, the E5 had a very hard front, but a usable weakspot. you needed to aim carefully, though. after HD it was a pure bunker frontally and even tier 9 prem-ammo wouldn’t reliably pen the cupola. combined with the high dpm, the excellent gun handling (auto-aim snapshots possible) and the good mobility, those things were VERY nasty. especially on all the corrido-maps, WG likes so much lastly.

    as long as the don’t give exact values for the new cupola armor, I am holding back, though. the said it would be possible to pen with AP, but never said a word about, from WHAT gun. JgPz E100 AP? tier 9 medium AP?

    grille nerf seems legit, as well as the speed buffs for the slow US TDs.

    what I am courious about: what will the japanese HTs get? big derps sound rather promising, especially if you take into account all the lightly armored tanks in hightier (BatChat, Skoda, the new tier 10 LTs …). some nice 160mm derp with HE only sounds rather sweet against those tanks.

    that Empires Border map would be nice on the non-ASIA-servers. yes, you have multiple choke-points and lots of impassable terrain. but still much much better than Pilsen, Stalingrad, Pairs and the likes.


    1. Type 4 & 5 will most likely get the 15 cm/45 41st Year Type gun, i.e. main guns of several WWI IJN cruiser (still don’t know why they would use it over the /50, but whatever). There’s two shells iirc , one with 1000 alpha and the other with 1300 alpha


  17. I am glad they kept the vk45a and rebalance the vk45b and then made a mini-branch. Now the german tech tree is pretty good I think and they all have solid upgrades. On tier 8, we have the tiger II which on paper has good frotal armor and very good gun (acc/pen, best suited as second line support), but slow moblilty. We also have the vk45a which will get better frontal armor, and it has good mobility and gun handling but lower pen (flanking tenk). Also the vk100 is slow, decent armor but massive alpha (brawer/pusher). Three tier 8 HTs which has distinctive features is pretty good I think. I wish more tech trees would have similar variety. A mobile HT, a slow HT with high alpha, and a HT with excellent gun/pen.

    Instead of making more and more tier 8 prems, WG should incorporate these tenks in regular tech trees to give players more variety. For example the amx mle 49 could have easilly be made a regular tenk (brawler/pusher), an alternative to the amx 50 100 (support/flanker), and the fcm could also have been made a regular tenk with some tweaks i.e. a mobile HT with single fire gun (flanker). Same with the patriot, it could have been made a alternative to T32, a more mobile HT with higher pen, but with lower alpha and inferior turret.


  18. When I think about it, the russian tree should also be remade. The Kv4 should be a pusher/brawler and the is3 should be a flanker type of tenk because it has mobility. This means that the gun needs to be rebalanced with lower pen in order to NOT pen HTs frontaly easilly. Right now the vk45a even if it gets buffed frontal armor is inferior the is3, because vk45a has worse mobilty and worse overall armor protection AND worse pen and alpha. German tech tree dont have any jack of all trades tier 8 HT, russians have it, they have the is3 which has both mobility, armor and alpha/pen.

    Either the is3 needs to get mobility nerfed if it should be a pusher/brawler and keep its current alpha/pen and maybe get a HP buff, or it can keep its mobility and be a flanker and then it needs a massive rebalance to the gun, like 200mm AP standard pen keeping 390 dmg alpha, and maybe a buff to dpm. A third russian HT tenk that could be a second line supporter featuring good pen and accuracy could also be introduced like with a 105-107mm gun with 320 alpha and 225-228mm pen and 0.35 acc, but with armor levels of Tiger II or caernarvon. WG say they want to give players more variety, well then give them that.

    I think that every nation should have different tenks on the same tier that has distinctive features and excell in certan areas. Now the german tech tree will have that with tiger II(accuracy), vk45a (mobility)and vk100 (alpha).


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