Best replays of the week #51


11 thoughts on “Best replays of the week #51

  1. i just deleted this fucking game right now. Every game was around 3:15 lose, simply can’t stand this shit anymore.

    MoW AS2 it is


    1. Well MoW AS2 is fun, but arty still ruins things there =P, anyway, i am trying Call to Arms it’s free to play, and uses the same engine MoW AS2 does, but modern troops =P, they even gave me a medal for having played their MoW series =P


          1. I meant the ingame Artillery units are expensive compared to other units in multiplayer mode. Also they require a lot of CP so you can’t field a big army if you use them. Below 3v3 or 4v4 it’s not recommended to buy them as there are cheaper and easier ways to counter static defenses.


            1. oh that’s what you meant lol
              yes… basically anything better than basic vehicles is super expensive and requires you to be completely inactive for quite some time just so you can throw all your CP for one stupid tank… and then they fuck it up in 1 minute.
              Also after arty unloads you wait like 2 minutes for that bugger to get ready


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