WoWS: Sub_Octavian on Forts

via the r/wows Reddit Discord Sub_Octavian said forts are very likely to get removed.


Thanks to Richard for sending me this.


12 thoughts on “WoWS: Sub_Octavian on Forts

  1. The whole Bastion mode is an interesting idea executed poorly to say the least. Fort Drum was quite nice to look at, but the 406mm guns on the forts are just fucking stupidly powerful, and the spotting stations promote sniping more than anything. Bastion could work as a addition for some co-op mission or something, but in a random battle it’s just plain retarded.

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    1. Maybe instead of 406mm guns they could install some 203mm [like in Singapore] and add some airfields? That would give all those AA spec captains something to pew pew [as CVs are almost extinct species]


    2. Spotting stations would simply reveal them on minimap like how a ship that is in middle of being spotted but not rendered for you to see it is shown as a hollow icon on minimap.

      Forts batteries could be simply downgraded to lower calibre like 12-8″ They still do enough to “reset cap” and be able to ding up the ships.


  2. First encounter with the current forts: allied Shimakaze right next to me 1 hit detonated, and a few seconds later, I took a 4k damage hit, shaving off literally 1/3rd my HP

    Forts, much like Bastion, can fuck right off.


  3. “what about RNCLs against forts?”
    that’s an interesting question, I don’t know if this is right or not by from what I know SAP (semi-armor-piercing) are HE bombs/shells with slightly better armor-piercing capabilities than normal HE bombs/shells
    the japanese and the Royal Air Force also used a few SAP bombs, just like APHE they were HE with increased AP capability at the cost of less explosive charge
    I think that british cruisers should have damage between AP shells and HE shells of the same caliber since that would be more like the SAP bombs I know about, of course it wouldn’t solve the issue against forts since they have to pen to detonate but in the few ocasions you hit something that you can damage it would cause more damage


  4. sadly, i really liked Forts, its not about pushing but using it as additional firepower.
    in my DD i capped Fort and then zoned enemy from it and just concentrated on targets with used damage control as Fort set them on fire.

    it was quite funny to watch charging Izumo with few fires later run away at max speed only to be destroyed by fires and give me witherer.

    also if you know how you can easily destroy surveillance stations (even someone did video how to do that it was Flamu or Ichase) even in destroyer and they take a lot longer to repair than for.

    another thing its that Forts stop repair if enemy is in cap circle.


    1. don’t worry, if they translated it correctly (in one of their videos) it wont be permanent
      I think what they said (can’t remember the exact words) was that it was first added for testing, this means that since they were not happy with the statistics they will remove them and do internal testing
      they mentioned the fact that right now they take too long to KO and cause too much damage


      1. that’s reason is bit funny, as BB don’t have any problems blasting them intro oblivion and fires are bit lethal to them, and about damage yes base damage is bit ridiculous (1 shot 8k HP from DD) they can throw it a little bit but still if to much they won’t pose that much threat anymore (instead accuracy would be bit better parameter to reduce)


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