WoWS: TAP Insider News (20-I-2017)

– The new Soviet destroyers you are seeing now are just part of first sub-branch, second sub-branch will come later; and no, stop thinking about missiles.

– Testing Mutsu, I heard she got some changes, we’ll see in supertest. And Alabama for normal users, too.
-USS Black is back in 0.6.1. I do not know what they plan to do with her. USS Black has Surveillance Radar of Baltimore. She carries the strongest torpedo armament yet the slowest torpedo speed among USN destroyers: 21,600 damage per torpedo, 43 knots, 13 km hitting range.
What made her only OP because she is part of the reward ships like Flint.

19 thoughts on “WoWS: TAP Insider News (20-I-2017)

    1. “so what is it?”
      Either mines or magnetic torpedoes…. I hope for the magneto torps, as mines will make this game even more campy…


  1. Going along the “Fuck DDs, give BBs more crutches” theme that’s been going on since last year, I’m guessing some form of spotting flare will be the new weapon.


    1. Aren’t you happy for more glorius Russian DDs that are famous all over the world comrade?
      Rasha will be the nation with more DDs in the game… “awesome”


    2. It’s really stupid too, since the early Cold War Soviet DDs that were mentioned last December would fit perfectly in the same line as the “artillery DD” spit that’s happening in the next patch.

      But no instead let’s blatantly overtier some of these ships and give them complete fantasy armament and stats to shoehorn them into those tiers in order to have 3 different Soviet DD lines. Oh and overload the Soviet DDs with paper ships even though it’s the one line where the Soviets actually had enough real ships to fill every tier. Easier to make a paper ship OP than a real one after all!


  2. I love how you all complain about WG this and WG that and yet. You still play the games and still keep up to date. Such hypocrites.


    1. That’s not what hypocrisy is.
      Hypocrisy would be complaing, saying you’ll never play again, then keep playing.

      Complaining about something you dedicate months, even years of gaming to because it’s going in a direction you don’t like is perfectly natural.
      It’s exactly the same as movie criticism. I criticized Star Wars Episode 7, but I still went to see Rogue One. That’s doesn’t make me a hypocrite, that makes me capable of forming an opinion.

      But you keep trying to use big words, one day you’ll succeed.


    2. Hypocryte? im probably an hypocrite for watching the “news” hoping that some day they will try to fix stuff, i no longer play WoT and probably stop playinbg WoWs untill they introduce something that is not russian


        1. We would be happy if the soviet ship were added after genuine content – you know the real existing and fighting ships – like i dont know… Royal Navy? Or Italian or French ships? Hell even Dutch or Polish navy probably seen more actions then soviets…


          1. Self correction – I forgot that russian navy seen quite few battles during WW1 – but during ww2, Baltic fleet was used as ground battery during siege of Leningrad, Black sea fleet just evacuated Odessa, and then was a source for marines, and North fleet was just trying to help in escort Land lease convoys.
            Only soviets subs did anything during ww2….


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