Sacred Valley Supertest Changes

This is the 1st prototype so far:

Major changes on this map:

1. In the central part of the leveled terrain, the mountain was removed and the number of homes and small objects were reduced. This is done to reduce the number of breaches through the central part of the map. Now it is used for the initial “lighting up” (spotting) or just detection of the defensive positions of the enemy during the battle.
2. Positions for tank destroyers were created next to the bases. You can shoot at the central part of the map and into a corner of the monastery. If successful, you can fire at the enemy positions for tank destroyers (the distance between them is about 500 m).
3. In the monastery,  a few small obstacles were removed and also a shaft on the edge of the gorge.
4. Zone for heavy tanks at the waterfall. The central hill was cut: now lights can easily detect the enemy and play at different distances.

The decision about the future of the “Sacred Valley” map will be made based on the results of the tests.