World Of Tanks: Tundra Mod vs Vanilla Game

Thanks to Alex for sending this to me. In the video, you can see how a player using an illegal mod (that removes foliage) behaves differently. It’s good to know when seeing replays.


21 thoughts on “World Of Tanks: Tundra Mod vs Vanilla Game

  1. This Mod is will get you banned, dont use it. Its pritty unfare to use it. Its very easy to find weekspots. But I was wondering way you should use it!? its impossible to see were you can “camp in bush” :)


  2. The textbook example of a cheating mod.
    I hope this mofo will get a permaban – and that he spent a lot of money on the game, so he will lose a lot.


    1. Listen to you!!!

      You think WG’s gonna ban a cash cow? You’re out of your rocker!

      Think about it for a second. You give 10€ a month + premium tanks + whatever and they gonna BAN that income? LOL

      Sorry, for being cynical but I just can’t see it.

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      1. Well then, go ahead and check the list of banned people, the list WG did not publish.
        Nobody knows who they really ban, but since they are adamant about their new anti-cheat policy, I can only assume that they will ban even the paying players.

        How do I know that?
        A former clanmate of mine used the destroyed buildings mod (the one that will mark the fallen trees, destroyed fences, etc. on your map) and he got a temporary ban. He had several high tier premiums and I know that he was/is using premium time as well. After the temporary ban he removed the cheating mod, but he is on the list.

        If they do not discriminate between f2p and p2p players, as proven by the very example I said, then what is your point?


  3. Can you be 100% sure the player is using that illegal mod? If there is no concrete proof (like harddrive snapshot showing that mod installed while playing that particular round) that he used, this does not count as an evidence.


  4. This is a basic tundra and almost no one still uses it.
    The best way to use tundra is a the version that works only in sniper mod or the lens effect tundra ( that will remove foliage only around the target).
    Both of tundras work from an external .exe file and leave no trace in the gaming client.

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  5. I see what u mean. Let’s hope WG is implementing this mod into the game so the annoying scanning (which part of enemy can be hit, is directly visible) stops.

    Unfair mods are only these who gives you an advantage over your opponents. If everyone has the chance using it, it would be fair again. Your choice ;-).

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  6. Very surprised that after watching this Tundra Mod in action that WG
    like it! and implement into the game zero trees, zero bushes, zero cover anywhere

    therefore there is nowhere at all to hide goes ‘perfect’ with small corridor maps = WG current meta for WOT

    So the average shit 4 minute turbo slaughter 1 sided battles easily become 3 minute turbo slaughter battles (WG big smile,


  7. It also helps fps.
    And it doesnt change the game mechanics for the red team.
    But it does allow for easily hitting the enemy on a dead run when theres no trees or bushes in the way. U can lead a target through foilage. Which is a cheat. And breaks the game mechanics. Not something wg should implement.


  8. but i am not shure if its true… never used the damm thing.. cuz think with me…. if a player playes like me… rushing and offensively… why use such mod ?


    1. To shoot those defending behind bushes? This can work for both campers and pushing tanks.

      Not saying you use it, just the argument seems to be invalid to me.

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  9. Come on people you’re acting like this mod changes the bullshit detection system, it doesn’t. The only thing it changes is that you get to see the vehicle instead of an outline, so what?

    If your argument is that it makes it easier for you to hit tracks or weakspots, then you better stop talking about it because you’re terrible anyway.You should be able to do it without assists in the first place.
    Come on, It doesn’t make any difference, you can still hit the tracks, you can still hit weakspots, this is why the outlines exist in the first place.

    It’s not like it reveals you everything behind cover like in War Thunder RB/SB…

    You’re complaining about this when there are mods in WoWS like the angle/heading and direction of movement indicator, which give quite an advantage…..and they’re “legal”….


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