Object 252U In-Game Model Video

Link to updated stats


14 thoughts on “Object 252U In-Game Model Video

    1. So I’m not sure if the armour has been changed. But you can see the armour in tanks.gg. So far I would say it has IS-7 Levels of armour at tier 8. However it has a slightly bigger lower plate than the IS-7. That said even tier 9 and 10 would struggle penning it. If the armour has not been changed. Yeah this bad boy is definitely OP irregardless of other stats.


      1. To be honest it reminds me more of the Chinese 110’s pike nose, but it doesn’t really matters, it’s a pike nose on an IS-6 which has a different turret.

        I’m getting irritated even by the thought of this thing even appearing ingame.


        1. at first it was presented with 90mm of armor which was kindoff UP because it’s effective armor was only around 170-180mm but then again is-3 has the same effective armor on the pike so fair enough.

          Now i agree it’s extremely OP and belongs into tier 9 battles.


    1. Strangely enough, I fear the result. What could possibly happen when the best players getthzir hands in exclusovity on THE best Tier 8?
      Randoms, Stronkholds and CW => fakt


  1. that’s my guess. The next even will be in may probably, so it’s really possible award. Why? Cause I and a lot of other players already have IS5, Chieftain T95 and KV4 Kravslesvky, so WG have to introdruce new 8 tank.


    1. Sure, they introduce new tier 8 tanks for the clan wars, but why does it always have to be yet another Soviet heavy? (With a FEW exceptions.)
      Just asking.


  2. I highly doubt this’ll be CW reward. They are rarely any good or unique. This is both good (with current stats it’s insanely OP armor wise) and sort of unique.


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