Latrun Tank Museum Video Review


25 thoughts on “Latrun Tank Museum Video Review

    1. That is a paint scheme that was applied in order to help with heat. (heat from the sun that is, not heat ammo;-)
      In the summer, you can fry food on the tanks in Latrun Museum.

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  1. 7 tanks holding 500 tanks, are you fucking kidding us, this ain’t the 300 movie..
    And its Palestine occupied lands, not Israël you idiot,


    1. Go have intercourse with a goat .
      Latrun is actually within the 1949 armistice lines, but that means nothing to you since you probably believe that all of Israel is occupied land.
      BTW, it is occupied, by arabs.


      1. Im not talking about latrun you monkey.
        I have a masters degree in history. Civilisations and architectural heritage from the University of Lyon2 la lumière. You don’t know a thing about what you’re talking. So shut up and go make your self a sandwich or wank off.
        Retarded fuck


        1. I am a Mst Gunnery Sgt. ret. in the Israeli Defense Forces.
          I live in Israel.
          You are nothing but a frog who is trying to kiss muslim ass, while said muslims are taking a huge dump in your mouth.
          Do yourself a huge favour, and learn to shut your mouth while muslims try to take a dump in your mouth to start, and then, maybe, learn to shove a spear up said muslim ass while they attempt to take a dump in your mouth. You will live longer.
          Actually, you know what? Don’t. The world will be a better place without you.


        2. To read between the lines, you think that Israel is a country with no legitimacy.
          Pick up a gun, and try to do something about it.
          Oh wait, you are French, that means you won’t. You will only retreat.


          1. That explains everything. You’re basically a brain washed monkey trained to use heavy military equipments to kill innocent unarmed people and children. You probably have a 1st grade degree so all you know is what the war criminals in command of the Israeli terrorist state have told you.
            People take appointments to talk to me you useless piece of shit. Go stand in the line.
            What a moron


              1. Seb, as of January 20th, once obummer gets evicted from the White House, the UN will be on Israel’s side too. (or face a 25% reduction in their budget, that the US congress is working on right now)


                  1. I’m neutral in this conflict, but hey, Israel has part Jewish-Romanian tradition in it which is nice (50 percent of my city was jewish before the formation of Israel, grandpa has some nice stories about it). I dislike that Yiddish had to die though as a language :(. Since my nation was very close to becoming the Jewish homeland itself, I’m glad Israel exists.

                    Just saying that if you go to Jerusalem it’s actually a peaceful place, so the whole bombing thing is grossly overstated (on both sides). The two Koreas randomly shoot rockets at them too sometimes. It happens. What I really dislike though is how greeks try to claim all of the Orthodox christian heritage preserved in the holy city.


                    1. My great grandfather lived in Arad. He fought in WW1 in the German Army since Romania was affiliated with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, on his way home from the war, after surviving the trenches, he was buried alive by Jew haters. My family then was divided between Israel and the USA, with family fighting in the US army in WW2, as well as family that remained in Romania to be murdered by the Nazi’s, as well as family that served in the Lehi, and then IDF.

                      I find those Euro-libs that think that Israel stole something to be pathetic. There are very few countries in the world that had their borders set by the pen rather than the sword.
                      Why is Israel the only country to be demonized for it? Because of an imbedded hatred for the Jew?

                      My great grandfather fought for his European nation. What did it get him?
                      My family lost dozens to the Nazi’s.
                      Jews were butchered in pogroms in eastern Europe, in the inquisition, in pogroms in muslim nations (Iraq, Syria, Libya, Morroco, Tunisia, Yemen). So now the Jews have their homeland back.
                      And this bothers so many people.
                      Not sorry that we are strong enough to be feared. Quite the contrary. I am so proud of it that I cannot express how much into words.

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                    2. As much as I want for my own nation to enlarge itself to rightful borders, I can’t do anything but hope every nation develops and survives, including yours and also Palestine (to stay peaceful mostly). Muslims have northern Africa and the Middle East, yet they fail to stand as a common people and become great. This is why, I believe that the best nation will and should prevail in its region. I love that you guys are nationalists, it shows a great example to all of us.


            1. Frog, you have balls on the internet.
              Funnily enough, I have yet to encounter a frog or any other creature like frogs that had the courage to call me a brain washed monkey or similar to my face.

              All of your supposed education still cannot hide the fact that you are a first class douchebag that has little knowledge of the Israel-Arab conflict.

              You call Israel a terrorist state.
              How many deliberate attacks has the Israeli army made on arab civilians, with the intent of killing said civilians?
              How many deliberate attacks have arabs made on Israeli’s, with the intent of killing said civilians?

              I would be prepared to bet $1,000,000 that you believe that more attacks have been made by Israel than attacks made by arabs. (and I can cover that bet.)

              How many rockets have arabs fired on Israeli population centers (a clear cut violation of international law)?
              (BTW, this has been perpetrated by Syria, Iraq, Hizbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and ISIS)
              So it is a crime that Israel reacts by attacking said launchers? Why? Because said launchers are positioned within a spit’s distance from homes, schools, & hospitals? (another violation of International law)

              Are you aware that the US army, the British army, the German army, the French army, the Russian army all send delegations regularly to Israel in order to learn from the Israeli army how to fight in close quarter combat within towns while mitigating civilian casualties to an absolute minimum?

              Now, don’t u think that if you want to not get killed, it would be a good idea not to shoot first?

              I won’t go further regarding Israeli legitimacy. Israel is a fact. There is absolutely nothing that you or any like you can do about it. Choke on it. We feast on tears like yours.


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