RU Player Record Breached

Yesterday, there were more players online on RU than the record held previously for 2 years!

The 2016 record was 819.090 players (made on 4 January)

On 8 January 2017 at 19:45 GMT, there were 835.016 players in total on RU – a sign that the game is still going strong.

Pic made an hour before the record:


54 thoughts on “RU Player Record Breached

        1. So, while looking the Forums on NA, some user caught a situation in video…..

          Could someone investigate, if WG changed the winning rules of the game without mentioning anything? Because as far as i know, the game always worked like:

          If the enemy team cap your team base, there are 5 seconds of “grace” before the match ends, every time a enemy tank dies, +5 seconds are added, and if all enemy tanks die, even when your base captured, your team win.

          So anyone make any idea if this is a bug or a new rule?


              1. Well, then everything i know was wrong, because i always followed the oficial WoT wiki rules:


                “Once capture is complete, the round does not end immediately. There is a delay of at least 5 seconds before victory is yours (unless the battle timer runs out earlier). According to Overlord this delay gets extended each time a vehicle is destroyed. The following outcomes are possible:

                All friendly vehicles are destroyed within the delay: Enemy team wins.
                All vehicles of both teams are destroyed within the delay: Draw
                Enemy completes base capture of their own within the delay: Draw.
                All other cases: Your team wins.”

                Someone should contact the Wiki admins to change these rules then to, “if your team captured the enemy base, you guys won no matter what” =P

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      1. to fund wargaming, ofcourse. why else? ive come across entire teams in strongholds where they all had the black edition of a tank, while checking out their stats, they also had the standard one.


  1. Would be interesting to know the demography statistics of this new record.

    How many new accounts, ~2 year accounts and how many veteran (~5 year) accounts make up this new record.

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    1. Yeah you have a Hungarian Christmas, so Russians have their Russian Christmas :) :) :) Zephy, there are Catholic and Orthodox Christmases, first one is celebrated on 25.12. and second one on 07.01. But there’s an extra New Year, celebrated only by us (Serbs) on 13.01. and I’m preparing some explosives to celebrate it properly :) :) :)

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      1. Romania is an Orthodox country and we celebrate it on 25 and the new year on 31. There is no excuse to use the old calendar and confuse everybody.

        Anyway if you keep the old one, it’s alright if you come here to party.


        1. Yes but is not Slavic country. True orthodox are Slavs. And it’s not about confusing anybody it’s about keeping traditions. Србска Нова Година!

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        2. Romania is NOT an Orthodox country, you are all Cepes’s that suck blood, which makes you Buddhists in my opinion :) :) :) For real, we don’t consider you guys to be Orthodox, bcs you’re too modern for our backward tardens.


      2. Why must you overcomplicate everything? Wouldn’t you be better off without making yourself look like a fool?
        Oh, that’s right, I forgot, you are a petty troll, shoo, go away.

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          1. Sebastian IS Romanian and he said right in this comment section that they do not celebrate christmas in January. it would be nice if you guys stopped taking little, almost meaningless details so god fucking seriously.

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              1. Yet we are living right now and I can say and think whatever the fuck I want, so fuck religions, fuck christianity, fuck the imaginary friend all those sheeple have.
                I don’t need this shit in my life.


  2. So 835.000 players on RU server over Christmas that’s nice ~ all playing for free?
    and not buying anything or spending anything on WG so called WOT ‘specials’ and ‘offers’

    as mostly the RU players are all poor with hardly no money to spare compared to EU and NA
    (so this record of 835k on RU is this good news or?


    1. Mike-T 2016, Non sense you racist. I’m from Brazil a “POOR Country” like you want sell, but still I’ve over 100 premium tanks in my account, plus more than 240 slots and a year of premium account and that’s make me poor, you wanna say? non sense ?

      Most of Americans now struggle to keep their “American way of life”, with high Tax and decrease of jobs op make a good mix for a country who have a ego more bigger then his international debt with IMF…

      3 times I visit Paris and 1 time Moscow.. How many time did you leave your dirt country? Visit your parents at Canada border does not counts.

      My point watch your word before spell…


      1. kakarush, Like you I don’t much care for when people label entire countries and people as anything in blanket statements, but if he is a racist because of the “poor” comments he made so does that not make you a racist for assuming he is American when you went on your American hate rant?


        1. And any in game goods too…. last i just payed a bill of 500,00 reais.. for just some hundred dollars expended on Star wars kinghts of the old republic….

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    2. Take my word on it, WG extracts BY FAR the most money out of the CIS market. By far.
      They probably spend less per player than the Westerners, but from what I can see, they are still spending a lot (probably more than they should, given their overall standard).

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      1. What standart would that be? Here in moscow I see so-called “westerners” everyday complaining about how expensive everything is over here and how everything is now how they expected it. I think that’s totally laughable and wish they would just stay away and go on watching stupid internet memes of romanian or bosnian villages “displaying the real russian standard of living” in their home countries.

        I have no problems of buying any ship or tank I want and I’m not a rich person.


        1. True that, they don’t cost that much. You should check Moldova, it is the poorest (and #1 world alcoholic) country in Europe. Shame we didn’t annex them, they have to live like this :(


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