French cruisers in WG’s New Year video?

Thanks to ViKing_6 for sending this to me:

I believe you have seen this video already:

But have you noticed in it many clues pointing towards French Cruisers?

First, the ship on the letter.

As you can see, it has a French flag, with vivid colors when compared to the rest of the letter (intended to be seen?)
Now, even better : this drawing is not a random drawing of a random imaginary ship.
It represents a French Bougainville-class colonial aviso, such as the Dumont-D’Urville, which can be seen here :

Just compare.

And, last but not least, have you noticed in the pile of presents, some strange pack ?
Right here :

No, not the Steven (Seagal ?) jacket, not the British anchor nor the PVE package… but the present with the Tricolore ribbon, and the Cruiser sign on it!

Could it be a hint on WG’s priorities for the year to come ?