Poll & Discussion on Removed Maps

Good evening everyone!

Happy New Year!

I have thought about this subject 8 months ago, and since we don’t really have any news today, I decided to finally post it. I am sure many of you remember the old maps that aren’t there anymore, and maybe a part of the TAP readers even want some of them back. More different maps seem better than just having Himmelsdorf/Winter Himmelsdorf and Prokhorovka/Fiery Salient again and again. Please vote in the polls below if you want old maps to return and which maps you liked & wish to see back in WoT (of course, with minor modifications so they are more balanced). Thank you.

Comment too if you have more thoughts on the subject.

Now, for a little memory refresher:

Dragon Ridge:

Hidden Village:



Pearl River:



Ruinberg on Fire:


South Coast:


58 thoughts on “Poll & Discussion on Removed Maps

  1. Voted no, mainly because most old maps are also filled with corridors. WG needs to create entirely new maps with an entrely different mindset – the new maps should be open, don’t have any corridors and allow all classes in the game to effectively contribute to a victory :)

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    1. The problem with that is that maps that are TRULY open leave little “room” for heavy tanks to contribute.

      Don`t get me wrong, I`m a med player. But recently I`ve been playing heavies somewhat, and oh boy, some maps are a BITCH.

      So, it`s really hard to balance it all out.

      But yes, we DO need a few more open maps. EVERY map WG added lately is pure corridor map.


      1. Yeah, they need to combine everything into one map. Heavies need to have a lot of hulldown positions for instance, and maybe a few rocks here and there that they can sidescrape against :)


          1. Yes, Steppes is one of the best maps in the game IMO. I wouldn’t mind some Arctic Steppes, Steppes Sandstorm etc in rotation :)

            Issue with those open maps is arty, and a lot of TD’s. Steppes, Prokh, Cliff go from one of the better/best maps in the game with no arty to one of the worst with 2+ arty and lots of camping TD’s. Steppes is best of those 3, since you can play aggressively even with lots of TD’s and there is some arty cover, but it’s still not ideal.


            1. Well, the heavy flank has some rocks for sidescraping and arty cover, so that’s fine. The other flank has some ridges which make it hard for arty to hit you. Besides, mediums and lights can rely on their mobility for dodging artyshells. And on Steppes, you can keep it going, because their are not a lot of killzones except for the cap area.

              Prokhorovka and Malinovka are worse for that matter. Not enough cover and you can’t keep a push going. You get artied on the hill of Malinovka and if you survive it and win the hill, it is one big killzone into the enemy base.

              In this case a sort of corridor would be fine, just like the ‘corridors’ on the more open right flank of Steppes. In those corridors, you can climb the ridges, so flanking is always possible. Same goes for Sand River.


    2. With the way things are currently, view range wins games above anything else. So if the maps are open, then it becomes a camp-fest. I much prefer large corridor maps (such as mountain pass) because they can offer many avenues of attack and spread out the tanks accordingly.


      1. Yes, but Corridor Pass is one of the worst maps for everything except heavies… Can you scout? Can you snipe? Can you flank? Nope. It’s just head on brawling. Considering this is a tactical tank shooter, maps should really offer more tactical gameplay than just head-on peek-a-booing like a whack-a-mole game :)

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        1. The real issue with WoT is that the map size is too small for them to adequately do anything with. The solution? Well, u can’t make the maps larger because the tanks overall are just too slow. A larger than 1k by 1k would mean slow tanks just would become obsolete even more than they are already. I think we, as players, are requesting the developers to move mountains. Personally, it is one of the reasons I like AW more than WoT lately because tank speed doesn’t restrict the size of the maps


          1. They don’t have to move mountains. They just have to move arty. Without arty, every map will become playable.

            But since that will never happen, they should make more maps like Steppes, Sandriver and Redshire.


        2. Well, there are far more terrible maps for heavies than the current meta that is meds and lights. They kept one of the worst offenders of this type of gameplay far too long.. lakeville.
          That map is just 3 corridors and if you’re in a slow heavy spawning south you will either go get bogged down in the marshes between the mountains or get shot full of holes by all the tds camping north as soon as you get spotted trying to get to the town.
          Sometimes I wish they would have made the maps exactly the same from both avenues of approach, but those map would get visually boring and highly predictable.


    1. Just remember why they removed it though. It relied entirely on all the brick walls all over the map to absorb shots. Once they released the update that allowed AP shells to punch through brick walls without stopping, Port was no longer viable as a map.


  2. You should add a 3rd poll option, “yes, but with reworks”.

    Every map was removed for a reason, all but 2 (Severogorsk/Dragon Ridge) were either terrible or imbalanced.

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    1. I like also imbalanced maps. I had fun with the bad spawn also. I liked to compete with the enemy team and tried my best and was proud for a good battle from the bad spawn.

      What maps we got in the past ..

      Kharkov, Stalingrad, Pilsen, Paris …..

      Stalingrad is ok, but the rest is just utter bullshit in my eyes.

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  3. Voted no, cause this maps were removed for reasons. Like boring gameplay or too easy for TDs to not move and defend base. I would perhaps like Komarin and South Coast with low chance of spawn, and I’m not sure about Dragons Ridge, cause it was removed weeks after I started to play. Pearl River, Komarin or first Severogorsk were sometimes interesting, but usually not. Port was disbalanced imho.
    Hiddeous village is competing for the worst map with Paris.
    I hope there will be new maps with encounter or assault modes, that can be played more or less in any direction, that allows mediums and lights to relocate and with little predefined corridors. And maps that look naturally. Like Redshire, Steppes, Fisherman’s bay, Sand River or Karelia.

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  4. South Coast and Pearl River: returned essentially as-is, with maybe some minor modifications for balance.
    Port probably needs a substantial rework but could be interesting.
    Dragon Ridge and Province would need to be flattened substantially but could work.

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  5. i like Severogorsk so much. i was really suprised it was gone. the sturmtiger in the garage made the map some type of troll towards wargaming. they reworked it and everything, and only a few patches later they desided to remove it. a real shame.

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  6. I voted yes, I would take Province any day instead of that shithole Mittengrad (or whatever it is called).
    That and I would like to have Port back, I remember the racing mode on it, was fun times.

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        1. Exactly. They could make Province a tier 1 to 2 map only though. As Mittenguard don’t really teach anything but yolo rushing. Province did teach them that yolo rushing is not ideal always at least. Thus they might as well add it.

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          1. Even tier 1 and 2 tanks could dominate Province with a semi-experienced player… Perfect map for low tier ace-battles ;-) Broken map at EVERY tier


  7. My dream map is Karelia – Heavies, Lights, TD’s Meds all have large scope to contribute and no particular class dominates. I would love to see more large maps like that.

    My most despised maps are airfield and abbey and feel small corridor ,maps like those (probably Himmelsdorf and Mines too) should be limited to tier 4 or less.

    And my extra most despised map is Mountain pass – a classic case of a corridor map that bores the more intelligent (non – HT playing )player that enjoys fluid games.

    I like large maps. I think every tier 8 – 10 tank needs a large nerf to view range too (except scouts) as this would improve many current maps and create a more mobile fluid games.

    Lastly an ingame option to choose 3 maps that you are exempt from having to play in.

    All the removed maps were removed before I started playing, so would be happy to see them just for novelty


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        1. No, for LTs, MTs and TDs aswell :) HTs can do well there too but it’s not as easy as when placed in a corridor map :)


    1. More on player dispersion vs bad design. HT line ruined it more so them the medium/TD line. All they had to do was open the HT line more and open it up by using the huge portion of the map there that is closed off so that mediums did not feel they had to go the 1 line etc.


  8. Port is the only one I want back. As that was removed for game mechanic reasons vs heat maps. And the reworked Console version of it works rather well. Most of the other maps are not bad, but played bad by 90% of the players as they only used 10% of the map and ignored the rest, or never left base like on South Coast. Thus bringing them back won’t fix anything sadly unless they seriously rework them. I am reminded why I don’t miss anyone of them each time I get them on console.


  9. WG is now simply running WOT as a company business unless it makes a business decision away from endless ‘Premium Gold bundles’ there will not be any more new Maps especially open Maps,

    a shame for us the players but WG only sees numbers now, not genuine fun gameplay

    On the Contrary ~
    More Maps especially the few remaining good Open Maps left in the game will “gradually be removed” one by one and not replaced ever as they do not fit any ‘good business model’
    – its shit I know but that’s how WG sees it now

    a year or so from now all this will become clear and the few remaining Maps all simply corridor brawling ‘for Heavy tank comfortable play’ and ‘give Armour back to Heavy Vehicles’,

    wish I was wrong i really do ~ the good glory days for Maps were yesterday/ year


    1. Yep sort of. Cause more broken shit like OI, ONi … you name it and more corridors = more money spend on gold ammo, higher need to grind top tier vehicles, higher need to buy premium account and tanks to afford playing top tier tanks and spam gold anyways to pen broken E5 or increase chance of penning heavies and armored TDs.


  10. Lets have them all back apart from Komarin.
    I hated that map first time round and even more so when it was “fixed ”
    Dragon Ridge was ok, It just punished heavy tank players .
    Yes some maps where better from one side than the other, But more maps are better.
    Even unbalanced ones as they where never insta win unbalanced.
    What really hurts the game is the lack of rotation of the maps over the few Hrs people play a day
    2 hrs and only playing 4 maps at best.
    Remove the +/- 25% chance of playing the same map over and over again


  11. Komarin always sucked.
    But this map would be damn perfect for a Last Stand PVE mode, players defending the middle.

    Dragon’s Ridge would also be fine as a PVE map where players have to progress and capture areas while taking out Jap tanks.


  12. Honestly, I would love to see all of these maps placed back in rotation, the game as it is currently seriously lacks variety in maps to play on. A lot of the maps that were taken out of the game forced players to learn techniques that would have otherwise been out of their comfort zones therefore teaching them things that could be used on other maps that you wouldn’t normally think of. In addition to that, most of the maps they removed are really good for competitive play / clan wars.


  13. Try Dragon Ridge and Pearl River for a patch, implement it permanently if it still turns out good. Dragon Ridge may need some heavy rework though (maybe some serious flattening and adding sub routes and cover in mid). They also need more “King of the hill” map (which is bigger than Mine) instead of reverse bowl maps (e.g Sacred Valley).

    The rest can burns on fire. Not always because they are bad maps though (e.g I know with our current mechanic Port is not visible anymore)

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  14. Well, in my personal opinion, I would love to see some of these maps back rebalanced to the actual meta, without WG ruining they ofc…
    But thinking more, ppl complain they play always the same maps, and that this is boring, but we keep getting 15×0 scores most of the times because one team don’t make any idea how to play the map they are in. So, if with players playing 1000 times the same map, they can’t learn any basic strategy to use on that map they should know everything about, how would ppl play with more maps?


  15. I would like to see many of those old maps back into the game, but I can understand that WG upgrading maps to HD there is very little chance that they will do re-introduced them. But imo the game needs 5 more maps at least, and open ones to be possible.

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  16. I recently played the game in 2015 and have a tier 8 o-ho and a SU100y and some maps in this post are unique and looks awesome to play around with my Su100y especially that pearl river my chi ri will feel right home in that map I wish to experience the old players doing in those maps before they where removed in the game


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