EU Special offers for January

Translated by Rumcays from an official WoT Polska video

First weekend of January (7-10.01?)

  • discounts for equipment and garage slots
  • 2x XP for every win (if you are in top 10 by XP in your team)

From 21.01 to 24.01

  • x3 XP for first win of the day
  • special missions for German, British and French tanks

Germans: – win 15 battles – be in top 10 players by XP in your team

British and French: destroy 25 German vehicles

Rewards: Chocolate and consumables

From 28.01 to 31.01

  • x3 XP for first win of the day
  • 1 free XP to 35 crew XP (speaker actually says something about “better exchange rate of battle experience to free experience” instead)
  • special mission for consumables
  • discounts for crew training and retraining
  • discounts for consumables (again, speaker says “equipment” instead of what the graphics show)
  • discounts for camo and emblems