World of Warplanes: Update 1.9.8

Please note: In order to deploy Update 1.9.8, the servers will undergo maintenance on 21 December from 03:00 until 07:00 CET (UTC+1).

The end of 2016 is nigh, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fit one more update in! This latest version brings new Camouflages for 14 selected aircraft, a special Santa-themed event, and an End of Year campaign! Check out our short review of the incoming update below:


New Year, New Hangar

With the New Year rapidly approaching, we knew it was time for a little update to your normal hangar. We could rattle off a description about it, but why not show you a few shots instead:

Wish Upon A Shooting Star!

It’s the end of the year and we are already celebrating. We’re offering you gifts that you can all earn, but there are also missions for the hardcore pilots out there. The campaign will run into mid January. You can earn a HS-123 (Tier II German Attack Aircraft), and those looking for the thrill of a whole new set of hard missions can earn the top prize—the Tier VIII American Fighter, the Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star.

Throughout the missions, you will also be able to earn the following:

  • Special Emblems
  • Consumables
  • Equipment
  • Credits
  • And much more…

Santa’s Bag

Many of you may remember Secret Santa from last year, but it’s received a massive overhaul. This year, you can buy tickets from the Premium shop, and each ticket will reward you with a random prize. On offer are 13 exclusive Premium planes, alongside Premium Account, Gold, and Free XP

Also, if you participate in the event, you will receive a special medal!

As usual, this is only a teaser for what is to come with the latest update – we want to keep some cards close to our chests… for the meantime anyway.