WoT: KR Server to be merged with ASIA

Source: Portal

We decided to shut down the World of Tank Korea service and integrate it into an Asian server that can utilize a smooth automatic fighting system, based on technical / managerial judgment to provide a better game environment for you.

After the integration, the same Korean service will be provided so that users will not have any inconvenience, and the user can transfer the account according to the application procedure. However, due to delays in the development of legal requirements for minors within Asian servers, account transfer is only available to users aged 19 and over. Users who are under 19 years of age will be subject to a refund after the end of service.

The merge is scheduled in March and April 2017.

You do not need to create an account yourself. For example, if you already have an account on an Asian server, you can not migrate your Korean server account to that account.
If the same email or nickname already exists on the Asian server, it will be changed at the time of migration.
Account transfers will be limited to users under the age of 19, and refunds will be processed upon termination of the service. However, users who are only 19 years old during the account transfer period can transfer.

We will confirm with the development team how to transfer the account in detail, and we will guide you further.

Thank you.