Q&A – 17 December 2016

Thanks to Vlad for translating.

Mikhail “Storm” Zhivets:
– I do understand about NDA and such, but when will you announce the new project? – Sadly, I cannot say anything 🙁
– How is Murazor? – He shaved again! And I really currently can only answer questions like “How’s the weather in Nicosia?”

Anton “Evilly” Pankov:
– Will the new premium Swedish TD have 288 pen? “Increasing importance of armor”? – Too early to speculate, we only started adjusting it.
– How about buffing the 121B, isn’t it strange it’s characteristics are more like tier 9 rather than tier 10? 130mm frontal armor don’t do anything. – You can choose another tank.
– People are complaining why there are no discounts on Swedes, and the answer is a change to the news by adding “Discounts are not applicable for Swedish vehicles”. – No discounts were planned for Swedes in the first place, so we added that to the news. [RU special]
– The patchnotes say “Increased gun depression of the VK2801 from -5 to -10” But in 9.16, he already had -10! Error in the patchnote or in the client? – The tank had different angles to the front and to the side, we unified them.
– WG massively increased numbers of the E-25 with the marathon and brought them to dangerous values. I don’t know what your statistics say, but I play random and can see what this bloody OP shit does. Can you comment on measures regarding the E-25? Or is that “ASAP”? I don’t propose to nerf it to shit, but you have to do something. – Nope, no plans regarding the E-25.