WoWS: Next season of ranked battles scheduled to be in February/March 2017.

Source: Ev1n, WG Staff


Anyway: could us players be given a choice BEFORE accepting a random-battle. I mean: if one notices BEFORE a battle begins that yr totally out-matched, that  one should have the possibility to decline such a random battle? For instance: I would certainly like it when i wouild have the opportunity to leave a “team-up” when noticing that all other ships 1 or 2 tiers lower (or higher) than my ship. If would give me the opportunity to make a choice for a real sportive & challenging battle before a battle starts.

So, in short:

– when do we get our ranked battles back?

– can we get an option to “leave an unbalanced team-up” prior to a battle starts?


1. FEB/MAR next year.

2. This is not possible, for may different reasons. Foremost of them is that the tier spread in battle is part of the core design of the game. Without it the game would lose more than it would gain.