New Pilsen Supertest Variants

Variant with key point in the open part:
– The key point is a destroyed factory building, control over it is essential for pushing over the field;
– TD can provide support from bushes on heights;
– MT can act on the very edge of the map;

Variant with a river:
– Again, has TD spots on heights;
– Has an alley with thick bushes on the edge of the map, no physical obstructions, so it’s a risky path;
– Center has piles of industrial waste/coal, intended for fast and maneuvrable tanks;

22 thoughts on “New Pilsen Supertest Variants

  1. Choice out of those two, definitely number 1.

    Number 2 has too much impassable terrain, which is not good and we already have too much of it in the existing maps.

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  2. #2 would make the top right corner completely unusable. Well, to make it short: FUCK THAT.

    #1 it is.

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