No more Overmatch!

Remember this article where we mentioned the fact that the new armor mechanics are gone, well here’s the official reply by Ph3lan:

Overmatch mechanics

Based on your input from the 1st Common Test, we decided to cancel this feature.

Initially, we planned to revise the ricochet and overmatch mechanics for all vehicles. However, tests showed that it will cause increased ricochets on thinly armored tanks (the IS-3, IS-4, etc.) that used to be generally bad at angling. This disrupted gameplay overall (a lot more ricochets where chances of them used to be zero), which you reported to us during the Common Test. We analyzed your feedback and decided to stick to the old, time-proven mechanic for all vehicles including the tier VIII–X Swedish tank destroyers.

I think it’s awesome that they reverted the changes – but I think that they could use them only for the Swedish vehicles. The real change they should do is make gold ammo not available for credits anymore and get back to the old Clan Wars in order for the large sum of gold earned by clans to have an usage.

It’s most probably only temporary. Swedish vehicles need this new mechanic.


29 thoughts on “No more Overmatch!

  1. The mechanics haven’t been cancelled, only delayed (per chieftan). They had some issues calculation side that screwed up the data iirc (the 183 bouncing off the scorp was a coding error, not deliberate).

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  2. *watch that QB video*
    Dev1:”Should that happen?”
    Dev2:”No, but that look awesome. Maybe we can let it slide-”
    Dev3:”Yo, i see a mob with torches and pitchfork outside, yelling about ‘stupid overmatch mechanics’. You guys know anything about this?”
    Dev2:”…back to coding ?”
    Dev1:”Right behind you”

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    1. I like how no one realize wg patched that bug two days ago, I tested it and couldn’t reproduce the bouncing with 183 not even on obj140 roof. :) but I guess people kept crying or it wasn’t sufficient.

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  3. “make gold ammo not available for credits anymore” Meaning premium ammo can only be bought with gold? So you want to go back to “Pay to win” like it was before patch 8,1?

    Did you mean only clans can bay premium ammo? What about the weak clans? or the problem that members of strong clans will dominate the battlefield?

    the best thing WG ever did is make premium ammo available for credits.

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    1. Not really, is basically made most flat armour ineffective. When premium ammo was only available for gold you hardly EVER saw anyone fire it. A small price to pay for the massive problem that plagues this game now.


    2. yeah getting back to premium ammo restricted to gold is the worse they can do. I started playing and paying in WoT for tanks and premium account when they removed this idiot p2w feature…

      This mechanic was excellent and I hope they will bring it back removing the nuances of extremely high calibers bouncing on paper armor.. Those who were against (I believe) were mostly premium ammo users who mostly shoot with autoaim (or even worse bot aim) enabled.


      1. actually WoWs have solved all this with premium ammo and overpenetrations pretty easily. The solution is there. Just remove all this premium ammo and give gold back or premium account or those 2hr buffs for gold.


  4. It doesnt work if you make gold ammo for…only gold. It doesnt just work without overhauling the game. The game, at current state, is somewhat balanced around gold ammo. Which i agree, is stupid.

    First change would be that not just make the gold for gold only, but just remove it all together, or majorly nerf it and make it alternate ammo type for different situations. With maps like we have now removal of gold would make HTs too dominant. First change is to open up most of the maps, which would allow for flanking, which in return would make gameplay however also worse because of arties. Thats why, the arty should be just removed. Or, at very least, atleast implement Sandbox changes, but complete removal would be at state the best.

    After removal, give some sort of refund (although, clicker shitters doesnt imo deserve it :P …but i guess it has to be done):

    – one time chance to be able to transwer all crew members into other classes for free (one time for each crew member)
    – refund some of the XP into free XP, probably like 50% of total XP earned of non-elite arties
    – refund credits from the ones that are currently on ur garage
    – refund premium arties for full gold price
    – free slot from each arty you had before removal patch happened
    – removal of all equipment for free; arty-rammer converted into normal one

    Then adjust some tanks (like buffing AP pen of tanks like E100, Super Pershing and KV-5).

    With this “chain” reaction you would fix 3 of the 4 main problems of the game (arty, gold, maps, and then there is RNG which is easy to fix aswell) AT ONCE. WG, its actually possible to fix the game and even return the original class system: (generally) HTs tank and brawl other HTs, MTs flank and do multible jobs, LTs scout and TDs snipes. And oh boy how much more enjoyable it would be for everyone (expect arty bots).


    1. i’m an arty player and most of them are too random rihgt now…. the only things that happens are:
      – hit and joke dmg ( 300 dmg or less )
      – splash and no dmg
      – 1 shot the tank

      its too random and annoying for both we, the master race arty players and those pebs driving heavys /dts

      i’d be happy if i could change all my gw100 tree into free exp and get the money i spent on them.

      french line and 261 are still playable thanks to being fast and having a “fast” reload.

      they should rework the mechanic, not remove em….
      there are too many campers, a lot of battles would end up ina draw withour artys to splash our the campers.

      that said, artys should have tons of splash damage and splash radius, but also an almost imposible % of shooting exactly to the middle; its reticle shouldn´t be a circle, it should be more like a cone so you could direct aprox the direction of the explosion but couldnt get a direct hit on a tank that easy.

      with all that, they could finally use the angles above 45º to shoot behind obstacles

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  5. I would like to know how it is that WG says that the IS-4 is thinly armored and can’t angle well … well if it doesn’t have reliable armor (and it doesn’t, not really, the front is butter to equal tiers) and has bad mobility and gun depression and barely passable gun handling, what exactly does it have that is good?

    Sidescraping can only get you so far in a game.


  6. I think the Swedish tanks don’t need that feature. They still have the mobility (even backwards lol), stealth and gun depression in siege mode.
    They will just have to play the stealthy way, roll back to cover to reload and relocate when needed. We don’t need to add unpenetrable armor when those TDs hulldown as an additionnal feature, that will bounce anything by the magic of BS, even when you shoot 152mm shells at them.


    1. Actually Swedish tank destroyers from tier 9 and up still can bounce many tanks with 107mm gun and below because tier 9 has both upper and lower plate 40mm auto ricochet, and tier 10 can bounce 140mm gun and below with 50mm UFP, not to mention 60mm armor at the undef half near the anti HEAT bar


      1. no it can’t. thanks to almost half of the hull having 20mm strips on the right, and left side everything will bounce it, and those strips are huge. the Swedish TD line is dead without the overmatch changes, or WG needs to buff it’s armor to make it not possible to overmatch it’s hull. one or the other.

        as it stands the Swedish TD line is DOA without the overmatch changes.

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        1. AFAIK the swedish TD line plays like better E25’s, they got the camo, they got the speed, they got the firepower, if you’re a typical TD player, there is nothing wrong with they, plus they got a really huge amount of DPM, so yeah, if you you think they need alot of armor to bounce things, WG should put the same on the E25 =P

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        2. @tyler Stevens, you have no idea about the armor layout obviously as those “20mm strips on the right and left” are spaced armor with no damagable hitbox under them.

          @boi dung, learn the overmatch mechanic please. It really isnt that hard. A caliber MORE than 3x the armor thickness = overmatch. A 120mm gun will ricochet on 40mm armor.


  7. Basically, WG after selling loads of the new tier 6 premium Swedish tank, destroys the much needed overmatch mechanic and nerfs the upcoming swedish tanks to the ground…

    Nothing new about WG’s “sell and steal” tactics…

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  8. Seb,

    U R truly a clueless MORON. If WG goes back to premium ammo 4 gold and reverts to the old clan wars where only unicums get the gold then IM quitting this game as will most players. We all know the game is dying and ur stupid suggestion would end it much quicker.

    The new over match chg was grt news. It is simply assinine to shoot the top of a tank turret overmatching the armor and doing full damage with a shell THAT NEVER ACTUALLT PENETRATED THE TANK.

    R U smart enough to realize that? Those shells r doing full damage but not actually going inside the tank. It is just STUPID!!!!

    WG is paralyzed and cant make any real and significant chgs like nerfing arty, reducing the pen and alpha for prem ammo, fixing broken MM esp with platoons, introducing larger maps, putting bushed back in maps and reducing map corridors and lastly fixing the map rotations so u dont get the same maps over and over.

    All the recent chgs by WG r putting lipstick on a pig. WG has not made any significant chg to the game in several yrs and is just flooding the game with premium tanks that r more and more OP to bank as much cash off the game before it collapses. The Skorpion, T26, Mutz and AMX 49 r all the top tanks at tier 8 along with the IS3 so the game has now become PAYTOWIN since tier 8 prems are netter then tier 8 tanks in the tech tree. The only players still playing the Rhoomba r the ones who could not afford the Skorpion.


    1. One more thing, the ave player has NO IDEA that u can overmatch the armor and they are confused how they are getting penned and then quit the game in frustration which was another reason to chg this mechanic to make the game easier for casual players to understand. Those casual players who quit the game r the ones killing it who WG needs to retain and bring back, but WG just caters to unicums who spend the most money on the game. There r some unicums who have spent as much as 10,000 dollars on the game. Theres a unicum on NA with only 2,000 games but he has 12 tier 10 tanks so think about what he spent to unlock all those tanks without playing any tanks in the techtree.


    2. Holy crap, you are so full of shit, I don’t even know where to begin!

      Alright, let’s start with your grammar.
      Have you ever been to a school? Did you ever read a textbook of grammar?
      Based on how you write… you clearly did not.

      But this is not as important as how stupid your reaction is.

      First of all. WoT was quite good for that couple years when the gold ammo was only available for gold. Only the über clans and the occassional kid with mommy’s credit card had gold, I can’t remember ever meeting a gold ammo user back then!
      Why do you think it would be a bad thing?
      And if we are at that, it would be better for all of us if players this acidic, salty, and generally retarded like you, would quit the game. You poison it with your mere presence, shitlord.

      My thought on the gold ammo’s problem is that it should be nerfed, its damage halved and price doubled. Simple as that. Nothing else to be said here.

      The overmatch mechanics was created specifically for the new Swedish TDs, since their armor isn’t exactly something usual for the game, they needed it. However, as it turned out, this new mechanic would fuck up pretty much everything, and also, it would make OP tanks even more OP. I am looking at you, IS-3.

      If you have problems with the ‘hitting the top and full damage without proper peneatration’ thing, then how about this: World of Tanks is an arcade type of game. In real life we do not have health bars. If you want realism, play WT. Penetrations and damage can happen like that because this is how the game works! Would a shot to the gun mantlet of an open topped TD damage the vehicle itself? Of course not! Yet it kills the Super Toaster if I shoot its gun mantlet!

      Though admittedly, WG has been fucking up big time with their map creating and premium tank spams, those times are over.
      In the last… 4 patches we only got great content, and I must put pressure on content, which the previous patches lacked greatly.
      Sure, we get the occassional prems, but those were made half a year ago at least. Their date of being added is not in connection with how the game is being updated nowadays.
      That and they continuously fix the problems, even if they do it slowly.

      As for the ‘putting lipstick on a pig’ metaphor… the game had its golden days. Those times are over. What would you do to sell your product, make profit and have the least amount of expenses? Of course it’s creating premium content!

      Clearly, you have no idea what the market is.
      But what do I expect from you, you can’t even write properly, you rage filled shit smudge.
      If you are going on a hateful rant, do your research beforehand at least.

      I’m done with this.
      Sorry Seb for the long post, here is a pixel potato!

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  9. What I think would work and still keep Swedish TD functional is to change non-autobounce overmatch to 4x instead of 3x. I would then buff the Swede tier 8 to 35MM thick, so that a 122MM shell would bounce but a 155 shell would not.

    This would also mean that certain tanks could side scrape again (AMX 50 TD for instance).

    The 140 roof, for instance, could still be overmatched by a 122 shell.

    Simple solution that would buff some tanks, but would not result in the BS 10-20 MM armor bounces with big shells.


  10. if they make it active for vehicles like the french tds (you know because their supposed to have armor but currently dont) and the swedish tds then it could be good but for everything? it would break the balance completely.


    1. i understand that if your in a taller tank you can still over pen but as soon as you introduce range and ridgelines then it becomes impossible.


  11. They really need to do something about the new prems in this case.
    They are OP as hell, and with no overhaul coming they will polarize the game.
    Up until now, in order to earn sufficient credits to buy the stuff you needed/wanted, you HAD to play tier 8 premium tanks, I want to say that some of the tier 8 prems are awesome tanks, but because i HAVE TO play them, they just make me sick when i look at them.
    With the introduction of the new OP tier 8 prems, now you feel like a second rate player if you don’t play one and become poorer because of the gold spam/
    So up until now, you used to have this circle of about 400 tanks, but HAD to play a smaller circle of tens of tier 8 prems, but now you HAVE TO play in the even smaller circle of 2-3 ultracompetitive tier 8 premium tanks.
    There are 2 choices you have
    1. You buy the tanks, and you will get bored really soon
    2. You don’t buy the tanks and be the clown in the circus that plays the game only to entertain the paying customer, when you should really consider looking for another game,

    Any way I believe that WG can’t keep the new OP tanks and they need to do something about them (like an overhaul of the game)


    1. nobody forces you to play tier8 prems. sure, it is the most efficient way to grind creds, but there are numerous other ways to get creds. get a good tier 6 tech-tree-tank like the T-34-85, the VK 30.01 D ot the Cromwell. they all have sufficient pen to use AP-shells most of the time and are mobile enough to not have to fight tier 8 HTs frontally. you can even go down to tier 5 to do so.

      if I take a look at vbaddict for my garage, then the T67 is my best non-prem-tank which earns me roughly 10k creds netto per match. or the FV304 (though it suffered from the HD-model!) which has similar earnings. VKD and T-34 and T-34-85 are about 8k net-income. and I play most of the time without prem-acc.

      it is just more time consuming, but that is one of the core features of F2P-games.

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  12. Yes that thing could ruin my good times with my KV2 spelling AP around ! And mu Su-152 too !! I love to shot AP on those things :)

    About the mechanics i Think they can’t simple use the mechanics just in one type of tank or cancel one mechanic, maybe its a Bigworld Issue who knows.



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