Test Server: Swedish Vehicle Updates

The updated 2-3 caliber rule was disabled on the test server.
The top tier Swedish TD’s had a significant increase in fire rate in siege mode, which was now removed

Strv 103:
– Entering siege mode reduced from 2,5s to 2s, leaving reduced from 2,5s to 1,25s;
– Reload times indepentent from mode: 9 seconds on both guns, 10,5 cm kan strv 103 L/51 and 10,5 cm kan strv 103 L/62;
– Precision in siege mode reduced from 0,2 to 0,3m;
– Precision after firing a shot reduced from 3 to 18m;
– Speed of vertical movement of the gun (the vehicle) increased from 5 to 7,5deg/s;
– Vehicle speed in siege mode increased from 3 to 10km/h both forwards and backwards;

– Entering siege mode reduced from 2,5s to 2s, leaving reduced from 2s to 1,25s;
– Reload times indepentent from mode: 7.7 seconds;
– Precision in siege mode reduced from 0,15 to 0,25m;
– Precision after firing a shot reduced from 3 to 18m;
– Speed of vertical movement of the gun (the vehicle) increased from 5 to 7,5deg/s;
– Vehicle speed in siege mode increased from 5 to 10km/h both forwards and backwards;


41 thoughts on “Test Server: Swedish Vehicle Updates

      1. Tell me how that mechanic was even good?

        It effectively nerfed stuff like Type 5 HT (no longer ability to overmatch stuff which was one of the benefits it has) while buffed E5 (side no longer overmatchable) and IS-3 (roof).

        It only increased the amount of RNG (gg at bouncing 183mm shells at fucking lights).

        Now tell the good part of it? Buffing armor of lights (which is worst way to buff them and its extremely irrelevant most of time expect at times, when, like i said – RNG fucks you with bouncing 183mm shell at light).

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  1. Am I the only one thinking this, or they really are just intentionally fucking up the Sedes now?
    I feel like the Swedes were an actual competitor of the red scum shits, and seeing that they were able to stand their ground, they fuck them up now?

    Correct me if I’m wrong…


    1. Yes you are wrong.
      1. Russian tanks are far from blatantly OP, see Grille 15, E5, T10 TD’s, even russian arties are shit.
      2. this is not a flatout nerf. The mobility in siege is doubled, the in and out of siege mode time is reduced, the gun is still fucking laser, only the DPM is lower and it’s still 3,5-3,7k with good crew.

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        1. They were overpowered maybe? The tier 8 got hit maybe too hard, T7 was brought in line with other shitty T7 meds (don’t ask me why T7 meds are trash, ask WG), T9 and T10 are still very strong.

          Why? Because they have 2nd best turret in the game I’d say with no weakspot. Every good hulldown tank (apart from maybe T29) are bad in most other regards or have a turret weakspot, T9 and T10 had neither a weakspot nor they were bad in any other regards – T10 had the same mobility as 50B (ok better top speed, worse acceleration, slower traverse but who cares about traverse), slightly quicker reload time, lot more gun depression, same clip potential.

          Downsides – longer delay between shots (only ,25s (0,75s for whole clip) and practically irrelevant because of the strong turret, you can just sit there and nobody pens you)
          slightly worse gun handling (see above, the same thing, you can wait longer and let the gun aim and not take damage)
          worse hull armor – still decent though, and hull means jack shit on 50b because everyone shoots the turret, meanwhile with Kranvagn you just went hulldown (you can go hulldown on so many positions on most maps and still be relevant) oh and had more side armor, not that you can sidescrape well with pike nose but you bait some idiots
          less HP and viewrange – small things, viewrange doesn’t really matter, you could also counter it with optics on autoloader since you can’t mount rammer anyway, hp difference is not significant for random matches, and you generally bounce more with Kranvagn so you could take more shells than 50B anyway
          penetration – only “real” downside, 252mm apcr and 300mm heat is much worse compared to 50b, but it can do the job.

          As you can see, almost every downside is just countered and made insignificant by the strong turret, combined with good mobility and firepower. WG decided to nerf mobility and firepower, I’d personally just play with the turret but w/e.

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          1. I see.
            Now I only really wonder, why can’t other people give replies like this?
            I mean, you listed all the ups and downs of it and made good points, in a convincing manner.
            Is it difficult to form a reply like yours, Woolgun?

            Just thinking ‘outloud’.

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            1. I don’t really “form” replies, I just write off the top of my head. You can see typos and badly constructed sentences. I just wrote what I think about the tank.

              I also don’t like “rock paper scissors” type of balancing, making tanks (or whatever it is, heroes/soldiers) ultra strong in some respects and weak in others.
              Why? Because if you happen to be a paper and you meat a scissor platoon you’re fucked. It works in coop games or league format with voicecoms but not in a game with random queue.

              If the tanks would be really distinctive when it comes to stats, it’d create really rollercoaster session with games varied from amazing to shitty, in some battles you can not do anything and in others you are god who is untouchable.
              All this does is creates salt. Maybe in some battles you would be able to fill your role but your teammates deploy wrong and you cannot. Even more salt. Next battle you can do your role and your teammates deploy well but you get shitty RNG. Next battle you are god who just kills everybody with no effort because your tank counters every enemy you meet, you don’t get much enjoyment from games like that. Next battle you happen to meet tank that perfectly counters yours on flank he does not fit on but he yolo’s you and kills you.

              That does not sound like fun to me, I prefer balancing with smaller differences but more fluent and flexible gameplay. When playing sandbox I felt what I described above. Initial stats of Swedish tanks felt like that too, TD’s were unplayable on some maps and godlike on others, HT’s were monster hulldown and ok normally.


              1. With this point of view you represent a small percent, unfortunately for you.
                Some people… many, actually, like to be ‘specialized’ in a specific aspect.
                In Wot it’s most visible with the arties. I don’t have to explain that.

                However, I see what you mean, and as I said, that’s your two cents in this matter. :/


      1. Who cares about speed in siege mode when you’re not even supposed to drive around in that mode??? The Grille 15 gun is also considered “laser”, yet the amount of bullshit misses, bounces and RNG is way too high. And 3.7K DPM is not that special for a TD that have even lower alpha than any tier 10 (even tier 9) TD. You think 3.7K DPM is high? Obj.430 and Obj.263 has 3.8K DPM…


        1. Speed in siege mode is big cause your exposure time is almost cut in half, meaning you take less DMG.
          It’s still most accurate gun in the game with no bloom in siege (although bumpy aiming kinda works as tiny aimtime I admit that), and you shoot more than twice as fast as Grille and have more armor so misses don’t hurt you as much.
          Yes 3.7k DPM is high.You listed 2nd and 3rd best T10 DPM tanks, STRV will be 4th… I consider that high, don’t you?


          1. 5 kmph was enough to reverse back behind the ridge, that was one of the things that made the vehicle interesting and a bit more difficult to play. The whole tank itself was about switching between awsome mobility or awsome firepower, not having both at the same time.
            Considering it’s a tier 10 TD, and it only has 390 alpha, no, I wouldn’t say it’s that high :)

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    1. I think it’s there because of practically no aimtime in siege, let’s be honest, most tanks spend as much or even more time aiming (properly aiming no MLG 420 blazeit snaps) than this thing spends deploying.

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  2. Wow, so I guess the T-62 drivers who were bitching about the Obj 140 having its roof indirectly buffed got what they wanted… I really hope they bring back the reworked mechanics, they were one of the better changes of the last couple years IMO.

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      1. The whole issue with overmatch weak spots is that they make pretty much no sense realistically, and unless you were right up in their face, hitting them was mostly just down to RNG rather than skill. On top of this, it brings indirect buffs to vehicles which needed them, i.e. the Tiger II and T34’s roofs, and big Soviet guns aren’t able to auto-pen vehicles with weak areas like these. It’s not only a buff to Russian tanks, despite what people seem to be focusing on, and is actually a bit of a double-edged sword in many cases. That, and tanks like the IS-4, which weren’t all that strong to begin with, don’t have to deal with yet another weak spot on top of how many issues they have (i.e. lower glacis, cheeks, drivers hatch, etc), and British heavies won’t get auto-penned through their sides by TDs.

        Also, in the case of the 140, I don’t see it as a huge issue, as it still has far taller cupolas than those on the 62A & 430. Adjusting one’s aim by a few centimeters to the cupolas instead of the roof shouldn’t be a problem in my eyes. And, speaking of the 430, it also benefits from these changes, as it didn’t need a glaring weakspot like the turret roof, considering the disadvantages it has compared to the other meds.

        In general, I see this as bringing a much greater benefit to the game than harm overall. Vehicles which are over buffed due to the update can be adjusted, and this would be far simpler than buffing all the tanks which were positively affected by the changes.


      2. Oh, that, and light tanks still would rarely bounce shots, as normalization increases as the calibre of the gun firing at it increases, and most LTs don’t have 70+ degrees of sloped armor. (ELC is a bit of an interesting case, but that could be addressed separately if needed)


    1. i dont get why that would be a good change its just gonna break the balance of the game object 140 is already probably the most powerful tier 10 med in the game it really didnt need to get better. the t62a these days is a very rare sight and with this change that tank would be made totally irrelevant.

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  3. WG are you fkn serius? So you buff the speed in the mode when this vehicle is not even supposed to move around, then you buff the siege delay so that players that fk up can get out of there quicker, and then you NERF the accuracy and reload? Really? Of course, we finally got a nice TD with really nice accuracy and DPM that could hit things without the player getting pissed off and throwing his computer out of the window, but noooooo, let’s nerf it because let’s listen at players that can’t play a TD properly and instead want to turn their TD into a frontline MT.

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    1. From my experience in random battles on the test server, 3/5kph (respectively) was far too slow for the siege mode, as it was very unforgiving to make any adjustments in the mode. Plus, 2 seconds to get out of the mode is longer than one would think, especially when you get spotted in an open position, so the buff to leaving the mode makes sense IMO. Also, keep in mind that the vehicles used to have .2 & .15 accuracy in their siege modes (again, respectively), which was INSANE – that’s already over .13 more accurate on the 103 B than the second most accurate vehicle, the Grille 15. .25 accuracy is still absolutely absurd, and you still won’t be missing many shots. Oh, and 3.7k dpm is still insane for any vehicle, so a step down from the absurd 4.5k dpm it had before is DEFINITELY justified. In its previous state, its dpm was way too over the top for any vehicle, let alone one this mobile, tiny, & bouncy. So, overall, I think the changes to these vehicles are perfectly acceptable, at the very least. I think they should re-buff a few of the heavies (Emil I speed & reload time between clips, Emil II & Krv’s hull armor) & the Leo (bring the engine power back!), but everything’s set for the TDs imo.


      1. You’re supposed to be a snail in the siege mode since you’re not supposed to move around in that mode anyhow. The reason you can move at all in siege mode is so that you can make minor adjustments to your position, for instance, peek over a ridge or pull back after a shot, nothing else. If you want to relocate, you simply exit siege mode and then you can even go backwars as fast as you go forward. You’re not supposed to go into siege mode and then drive around.

        This is what made this vehicle unique and skill based. You had to predict a good firing support position and then work from that positon. That includes skill in both choosing a good position that won’t get you killed and also looking at the minimap and predict where the enemies will be when you arrive at your firing position. It also required skill in the form of having your “own” 6th sense, so you could exit siege mode even before the 6th sense perk went off.

        And the DPM was absurd in order to compensate for the absurd alpha of 390… which is the lowest of any tier 10 (even tier 9) TD. For a TD, alpha means much more than DPM, since most decent players will seek cover as soon as they take a shot. That together with the limitation to actually only be able to provide fire when in siege mode is what justified its high DPM.

        This tank doesn’t need better mobility in siege mode, and it should get its former stats back!


        1. 10kph still isn’t enough to run around the battlefield; it just makes those minor adjustments to your position much less of a pain… Relocation is still pretty much impossible inside the mode, even with the buff. Also, the vehicle’s DPM is still on the high end compared to other TDs, which compensates quite a bit for the low alpha.


          1. 5 kmph was well enough to move half a meter up or down on a ridge. I have no idea why you need 10 kmph to move a half meter at most. The drop in accuracy and DPM is the real pain here…


            1. Minor adjustments are usually more than a half a meter on at least 70% of the maps, so spending a full 2 seconds to leave the mode and 2.5 to get back into it every time you needed to move more than 5m would get very annoying, and would waste a lot of time.


              1. If your “minor adjustments” are more than 1 meter, and you need to do this between every shot, you’re playing this tank wrong…


                1. If “playing the tank right” means bushkemp sniping from 600m for 90% of the game, then I can see why they changed this thing so much. It shouldnt be able to shoot-and-scoot like lights/MTs, yes, but it shouldn’t be restricted to completely-immobile sniping from the back, either.


                  1. “Camping” and “sniping” is 2 completely different things… And if someone doesn’t like to snipe, maybe they should try anoher class instead of TDs?


                    1. While I do agree that camping & sniping are two completely different things, sniping usually entails adjusting your position frequently, while camping does not. Again, having to spend 2-2.5s switching between modes just to move would become very time-consuming, and you can’t fire while switching, so, for example, if an enemy vehicle were to get spotted right as you were switching to the movement mode, you would have to spend another 2-4 seconds switching back to the mode (2 to leave, 2.5 to switch back), which could be pretty crucial depending on the situation.

                      Also, looking at the existing tier 10 TDs, they generally aren’t limited to just sniping:
                      – T110E3 & T110E4 play more as heavies due to their armor (albeit E4 generally is limited to the second line, since its armor is lackluster by comparison)
                      – Obj 263/268/Foch 155 generally play more of an assault role, but can sometimes snipe interchangeably
                      – FV215b183 & JgPz E100 have the armor to fight closer to the front lines

                      From this, only two TDs can really be considered pure snipers, IMO: Grille 15 & 4005. However, the Grille 15 has MT-like mobility to shoot & scoot closer to the front, which I find works far more effectively than sniping in most cases. And the 4005… well, it doesn’t have the accuracy to effectively snipe, but it doesn’t have the armor to brawl or the camo to hide close to the front like the Grille 15 can, so it’s neither here nor there.

                      So, in general, TDs currently are able to perform in multiple roles, and I believe this vehicle should no exception, especially considering its low alpha and the fact that it was technically an MBT IRL.

                      Also, with the removal of the new overmatch mechanics, the vehicle can no longer autobounce most tier 8-10 guns, so the extra mobility should help it to get in-and-out of tricky situations more easily, whereas it could’ve shrugged off most hits before.

                      (NOTE: I’m not saying TDs can’t/shouldn’t snipe; rather, I’m saying that they should be able to have more options, especially with all the changes WG has made to make sniping more difficult, by the community’s demands, since invisisnipers are the last thing they want/need right now)


                  2. I did 200+ games in the td before they changed it, and never really felt like 5 km/h were too slow, if you placed yourself in a bad place, didn’t pay attention to the minimap, bad planning, surprised by a medium or being outnumbered, of course you would get punished for it. And to me that was completely fine.
                    But if you played it right, it could do a lot, hell even slowly push over the ridge on westfield when they got no arty and wear the enemy team down as long you didn’t got flanked, 5 km/h were fine, and it wasn’t the end of the world to use 2,5/2sec to switch mode.

                    I even 3 marked, before they touched it.

                    With lower dpm, worse accuracy, less time to switch between travel/siege-mode, but more speed in siege-mode it actually made the tank become less appealing to me.
                    Maybe because the first iteration of the stats felt more honest and close to the real world performance of the tank. (though it had a 4 sec drumless autoloader. and all three crew member could drive it, both commander and gunner could fire the gun.)

                    But wg ruins everything as usual.

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                    1. Eh, I do think it was still alright before the changes (hell, I had a whale of a time playing it on more than one occasion), but these changes give the driver some more leeway when using the vehicle. The DPM and accuracy nerfs are a bit sad, sure, but I feel they’re perfectly reasonable for the vehicle, considering how ridiculous it was before (4.5k DPM + .15 accuracy, when the next most accurate vehicle in the game has ~.29). Plus, with the removal of the revised overmatch mechanics, the armor is not nearly as effective against tier 8-10 vehicles (which is what it meets), so the increased flexibility is very welcome IMO. I’m still hoping they’ll either add back the revised mechanics, give the vehicle increased armor to compensate (so nearly everything can’t overmatch it), or just remove the 3x overmatch rule (as it’s rather unrealistic and negatively affects a lot more vehicles than necessary [Tiger II, T29/T34, British heavies, etc]).


                    2. You forget the Grille 15 gets 0,25m accuracy (0,24 with BIA) and the dpm were 4290 even with bia, rammer, food and vents.

                      I’m less inclined to accept the less dpm and accuracy it received for slightly better mobility in siege mode. :/

                      But yeah it seems pointless to play a heavily awkward tank without some nice stats and armor to counter the awkwardness. Though I prefer the first iteration of the tank and how it created a special niché of tank destroyers in the game. But wg already ruined it. gg

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  4. I want them to remove the made up bullshit 2 and 3 caliber rules because i don’t like this games balance being based on some luck and gun caliber rules from which only certain tanks will benefit.

    I want them to actually come up with some legit penetration model, remove the bullshit penetration RNG and make it legit.
    And after that actually balance the game.

    If KV-85 can penetrate T34’s turret because of overmatch while VK 45.02A can’t use that same “balance” approach… i mean that’s not balanced in my book.

    I really believe there is another solution for this problem.

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