Supertest: Tiger II P

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Tier 7 heavy, possible premium. Appears to be the historical configuration of the Königstiger.

Tier: 7 (Heavy)
HP: 1500
Engine: 700 hp
Mass: 69,72 t
Power-to-weight: 10,04 hp / t
Max speed: 38 / -12 km / h
Hull turning speed: 20 °/s
Turret turning speed: 24 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 0,959 / 1,151 / 2,205
View range: 380 m
Radio range: 740,4 m

Hull armor: 150 / 80 / ? mm
Turret armor: 185 / 80 / ? mm

Gun: 8,8 cm Kw.K. 43 L/71

Alpha Damage: 240 / 240 / 295
Penetration: 203 / 237 / 44 mm
Rate Of Fire: 6,952 rounds/minute
Damage Per Minute: 1668,6
Reload time: 8,63 s
Accuracy: 0,326
Aiming time: 2,21 s
Depression: -8

Armor schematics:



More pictures:


47 thoughts on “Supertest: Tiger II P

    1. That is more a medium/heavy then a HT tbh. Just like the 45.02A. But considering how many have asked for a more historical correct Tiger II at tier 7 for years now. I suspect this will sell rather well regardless. As this armor will work one tier down, just like the Jap Tiger does one tier down vs the German Tiger 1.

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      1. except its the exact same as vk 45.03
        but with better armor

        same gun
        same mobility
        50mm more frontal armor
        and 85mm better turret

        so no. this will not be a tier 7 unless they seriously buff the hell out of vk 45.03


            1. The tank is already historical. However, if I had to guess, tier 8 will probably be an educated interpretation of the E 75 with it being mostlyrics the same as the Tiger II at tier 8 with the 105mm L/68, but with a better angled hull.

              Tier 9 will probably stay the same or they’ll bring in some new E 100 concept.

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              1. ok, but that still leaves the vk45.03 as inferior with no redeeming factors

                it leaves tiger p as a laughing stock

                and it leaves amx m4 as…well completely crap(its already similar to vk 45.03 in regards to stats)


  1. Well, this looks nice and all, but would they also publish the ACTUAL, historically accurate red scum shits?
    Just asking.

    I would really enjoy seeing how an actual IS-3 looked like, what modules it had and how it would perform.

    I will make a guess and say that it would be a shitty tier 6 if it was historically accurate…

    Yes, I’m quite upset. >: (


    1. The only difference between the “actual IS-3” and the in game one is the actual one only had the D-25t not the BL-9. It was an excellent vehicle and ahead of its time. So you REALLY need to stop complaining about “red scum shits” because many of them in game are not particularly good at all (looking at you KV line) and discrediting their IRL achievements just makes you extremely petty.


      1. Well excuse me for my wording, but changing a few expressions won’t change the summ of it.
        The KV line is quite remarkable, I have no idea what complaints you have against them. I think I am in no need to describe the former KV-1S, the current KV-85, the KV4tress (which I still have troubles penetrating with whatever tank, whichever ammo, from whenever, even though I tested how its armor works) and the KV-3’s in-same-tier worthiness.

        My point here is that they all have unhistorical configurations. I will not even attempt to describe the clusterfuck the T-54 is, so I’m only going to mention the IS-3, since that was the main matter of this topic.

        You are correct about the D-25T, however, its engine was different as well.
        In the game we have two options, the V-11 engine of 650 hp and the V-2-54IS of 700 hp. While its historical engine, according to the wikipedia, which I am seeing this from, is the V-2-IS of 600 hp.
        In other words, it would be a sluggish sonovabitch.
        Its maximum road speed was 37 km/h, which is 38 in the game, furthering my point, however small the difference may be.

        Oh, and don’t even get me started on the bullshit armor it has, especially now with those new overmatch updates about to be added to the game.

        In conclusion I can say that I have all the rights to complain about the RED SCUM SHITS because of how biased the game is.
        Prove me wrong if you can.

        Go on.
        Try it.


      2. of course the tigers and the 88/105 is nerfed to fuck so, in actual fact the red scum shit IS family and KV family are massively OP.. in fact the red scum cried like girls when the tiger was historically accurate during the first few months of open beta, the tiger and all it’s family were nerfed at least 4 time in both chassis and gun abilities just to keep the commie babies from peeing themselves into a fetal position.


  2. A stock tiger II at tier 7 is superior all other tier 7 tenks in all ways. First of all it has sloped tier 8 armor and second a good gun and high HP. The tiger II has only 100 less HP than the tier 8, how is this balanced when it meets fucking IS and tiger 1?

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      1. Tiger II turret is pretty decent since it has a lerge gun mantet. The tiger II was never an issue. The issue is gold ammo and other tenks that are buffed to the point where no weakjspots exist as well as hordes of tier 8 premiums with high pen guns etc. Now powercreep is turning down at tier 7, when tier 8 is fucked. Out of all tier 8 HTs I have tiger II ha highest avr dmg due to the decent balance and powerfull gun and no gold ammo even used. Kv4 is more victim than tiger Ii because it is slow, had bad gun depression and is big. Tiger II is a good damage dealer actually and I love it. Only noobs complain because fail to utilize its gun proper.

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        1. Played a session of ~25 games with the Tiger II yesterday for my second MOE. Haven’t been playing it for more then a year. I’ve been playing the T32, T26E5 and AMX Liberté and I have to say that it’s way more easy to do consistent damage per game in those vehicles, then in the Tiger II. You can call it ‘hard to play’, well it is harder to play, because almost all the other tier 8 tanks outclass the Tiger in mobility, armor and alpha. Gunhandling means shit in todays meta, where IS3’s can blast you in the face without proper aiming. On the open maps you can abuse that exceptional good gunhandling, but hey, arty will ruin the fun once you are spotted in that big, fat, slow machine.

          It’s a good thing that overmatch mechanics are reworked. Got penned through the roof by 122 mm gun’s all night long.


  3. This is powercreep to the max really. A tier 8 HT on tier 7 with a stock gun, which is very capable. Its not like tiger II is weak on tier 8 if you use it proper. This is flat out better than tiger 1 for the armor alone and this is a premium. Fucking powercreep shit. The lower plate is weak but this will see tier 5 and 6 tenks, how are they gunna hurt it effectively with AP anyways? What a joke, pls WG stop the powercreep. This is an obvious money grab from all tiger II players that suck, now they can stopm tier 7 with ease in their lovely “historical” tiger II. Fuck you WG, dont make prems that are superior or better than alreaddy existing prems.

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    1. I’ve been playing Tiger II with the 88/L71 entirely and didn’t bother using the 105. Drop that thing on T7 and you fucked that tier so hard, that WTE100’s first iteration would instantly be forgotten and this would always be named as the prime-example for bullshit balancing.


    1. WG are retarded of course. If they even consider a tiger II on tier 7 with 1500 HP. Then again all they care about is buffing armor and remove weakspot so people should autoaim/autopen with gold ammo. Just like the amx 49, it has retardproof armor, but press 2 on any other tier 8 HT and the whole upper plate is autopen. WG are so fucking stupid in the way they balance tenks and gold ammop. Game needs to get back to its core, redu all tenk balance and introduce real weakspots again and remove gold ammo. This is how the game was before and rewarded proper aimin and skills, even the most armored tenks had weakspots.

      They can buff armor all they want and downtier tanks but what benefit will that have when people will just load gold? Even the e75 get penned regularly by gold rounds in lower plate, upper plate and turret front so it is not as strong as it used to be anyways. Why do people not play slow, armored tenks anyways? According to global stats most mobile HTs with punchy guns and some armor outperform slow armored HTs. Mobility is more important than armor these days, specialy at tier 9 and 10 where you getr penned anywas. Game is to fast paced on high tiers and this issue is also at tier 8 now days thanks to fast mediums that are flat out better. The fuckiong amx 49 is faster then tiger II and has more pen and better armor and signifcantly better turret.


  4. At first I though this is too strong for tier 7, on a second thought, it has worse frontal armor than O-Ni (LFP is only around 150-155mm which every T6 heavy should pen with AP, except Churchill maybe, T5’s should just load gold, tough luck), worse turret, slightly better side, worse P/W, worse DPM… If the bloom and terrain resistances get nerfed a bit, maybe 5-10m less viewrange, it’s ok as a T7 imo.


    1. This thing should get the ”cheese” turret, that the stock Tiger II, stock VK 4502 A, and VK 4503 get,and then it’s fine and balanced. Sure this thing has a little worst p/w than an O-Ni, but this thing goes 38 kph, O-Ni does 25.
      I think that would balanced it out nicely, while you bounce every tier 7 with your upper plate, a tier 5 med can go in front of you and pen you in the face. something like a Tiger P, but with much better gun and mobility


      1. I disagree, weak turret is the worst thing you can do to the tank, you can hide weak lower plate, you can hide weak side, you can hide/block weakspots but you can’t hide turret. See 50B, it actually has pretty fucking good hull but nobody cares because turret is paper.
        Think KV-4, ARL 44, VK 4502b or even Maus – all of them could be good to great tanks with respectible turrets (Maus has decent turret but 98% of Maus players are too lazy/stupid to angle it).


  5. Nice look BUT, what is the difference between this tank and the tier 8 tiger? Near enough 100% clone to me.

    A few are saying the German heavy line will be reworked, how? With the VK 100.01P, Mauschen and this being worked on could WG maybe introduce tier 11? Would be brilliant if they could instead of flogging every new or different tank as a premium…. Maus at tier 11, Mauschen tier 10, Vk 100.01P tier 9 and VK B to tier 8 and nerf it to more historical specs. The rest of the nations is up to WG and leave arty to max tier 10. They wouldn’t do it would they.


  6. Why on earth is this tier 7? Its the same as VK45.03 just with more armor on the front hull and turret. This just renders VK useless, the hell is wrong with you WG? If this comes out as a tier 7 premium, VK needs to be buffed to the same level.


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