RU Clans affected by WG Bans

Some famous clans from RU have a few of their players banned now. On average, 1-2 players. Please note that this is only the first wave.

CYS – 1
E_V_G – 1
PR0_Z – 1
LSTR_ – 1
RED-A – 1
KO3AK – 1
0RDA – 1
YETT1 – 1
PZE-S – 1
WGST – 1 and 1 separately.
T_MAH – 1
O4K0 – 3
HIVE – 2
CTAD0 – 1
UMKA_ – 2


9 thoughts on “RU Clans affected by WG Bans

  1. Some members of “top” clans are banned on EU aswell. By “top” I mean tryhards that are not good enough for top 10 but think mods will help them get there I guess.


    1. First wave they banned only those who clearly cheated (evidence), that’s what they said.
      I hope WG has a pair of balls and bans those premium time Warpack cheaters and top clan members.

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  2. before you make a list like this for NA you can remove mahou from the list. the one guy banned in there got a 2 month ban for saying the N word in the wglna skype chat.


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