9.17 Release Date

The 9.17 update will be launched on December 13, 2016. If everything goes all right, WG will have time to fine-tune the Swedish tanks. The test server will run until the official patch release. The patch after will be „intermediate”.

Have a nice night everyone, and thanks for reading TAP.


16 thoughts on “9.17 Release Date

  1. WG, if you read this, please can you revert the stats of Strv.103B to how it was before 28.11.2016?

    The Strv.103B was a unique vehicle because of its amazing accuracy and DPM, but only when it was in siege mode. That was one of the main tradeoffs that made this vehicle fun and required skill from the player. It required players to position themselves well and to plan in advance in order to do well and not get destroyed so easily, and with the changes to 103B you’ve basicly destroyed this.

    Players that asked you to do these kind of changes are players that want to play their TD in the same way as a MT or HT, on the frontline, around corners etc. In my opinion this is bad for the game. We need classes to become more unique, not the oposite. A player that wish to brawl should pick another tank class, for instance a HT, not a TD.

    Stop punishing the players that play this vehicle in its intended way!

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  2. Overmatch is not coming back, well in 9.17 atleast:

    I’m fine with swedish tanks balance aswell, we’ll see how they’ll perform on live but atleast they won’t break the whole gameplay, I’d rather they release balanced tanks or even weak tanks that are gonna be buffed later instead of putting out OP shits ruining the whole meta/gameplay for few patches.

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  3. …i really doubt that, i think it will take more time to rebalance those swedish TDs, as u can see, WG has taken back the new “overmatch system”, which was made just for them. Without the new Overmatch system, swedish top tier TDs are almost “naked” ,so WG must now figure out how to conmpensate it – and this will take a lot of time and testing IMO, so im expecting the 9.17 on 20/21. 12.


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