Fair Play Policy: First Actions Taken

Today, the first measures were taken to enforce Wargaming’s Fair Play policy regarding illegal mods. This first wave will ban users using these mods, deemed unfair by Wargaming, temporarily for 7 days. A second wave will be conducted some time, during which all players which have recieved this 7 day ban will be then banned permanently.

Anton “Evilly” Pankov said that:

1. This is just the beginning and a friendly reminder for all using them – greetings to aimbot users! There will not be a second chance.

2. We cannot publish lists of players who were banned during this wave, we are not allowed to do that.
 – 15.937 players banned on RU
 – 2.869 players banned on EU
 – 252 players banned on NA

 – 115 players banned on ASIA