WoWS: Campaigns

Thanks to Vlad for translating!

Campaigns were added to the game. They will make the game processs more variable, acquaint new players with the game nuances and present challenges with rewards for experienced commanders.

A campaign consists of a set of missions which have to be completed one after another.
Each mission has normal tasks and key tasks which have to be completed in battle: key tasks are required to complete the mission and start the next one; normal tasks are required to collect tokens, which in turn are required to unlock key tasks.
A task can be completed multiple times, earning tokens for each completion;
There can be two tasks active at the same time on a normal and three on a premium account;
Completion of tasks is rewarded by intermediate rewards – signals, consumables, credits etc. These are rewarded once only.
The completion of the campaign yields one final reward. Campaigns can be temporary or permanent. The campaign functionality is unlocked at commander level 8. All signals rewarded for achieving level 8 and all subsequent level rewards are moved one level up with the addition of level 13.
After the release of 0.5.15, the players will have access to 2 campaigns:
– Permanent campaign “Science of Victory”. This campaign is aimed at the familiarization with the nuances of the game by new players and research of ships up to tier V. The usage of different armaments, playing the different classes, usage of equipment and captain development, fighting for capture points – all of these aspects are organized into uncomplicated tasks. The final reward of this campaign will be 7 days of premium account.
– Temporary campaign “Certificate of service”. This is not a lengthy, but a difficult campaign fought on ships of higher tiers. The tasks are aimed at personal skill, high effectiveness in battle, team play. The final reward will be the tier VI Japanese destroyer Shinonome with a 10pt captain.