WoT – “I am” artillery


23 thoughts on “WoT – “I am” artillery

  1. I am the one and only Cancer in the sky,
    I will punish you if you just stand by,
    You thought you are safe behind the cover?
    I will still hit you and you won’t recover!

    I rule the whole map unparalleled,
    On my watch the ‘campers’ will be expelled,
    Don’t worry though, you are not safe even if you move,
    Since my aim doesn’t have to improve,

    The Super-Splash Hi-Ex is already loaded in,
    The only thing worse is its Anti-Tank twin,
    But in the end, it doesn’t matter whichever I choose,
    You will all die thanks to my abuse!

    The lines are running out, so is my time,
    I have to load in the next shell before the syren’s chime,
    Winning the game for you all is not a war-crime,
    But someone has to do it.. and make it all rhyme.

    *drops microphone, walks away*

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      1. Thank you for your kind words Woras, I put real effort and creativity in this poem, not everyone can create something like this. Rhyming, on point, a great truth.
        Am I correct?


        1. Im just merely following 9gag tradition – when someone sings something, one must say Eminem’s lyrics quote “Mom’s spaghetti”.
          You call Eminem bad singer? :D Guess not.


          1. Maybe this will be strange and scary for you, but this isn’t 9gag.
            With this said, people expect others to be a bit more respectful.
            If you still have problems understanding the concept of different places, let them be virtual or real, look for psychiatric help. :)

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                  1. Well, that is where you are wrong.
                    ‘Why’, you might ask. The answer is simple.
                    I am already

                    The pony spam has began!!
                    With the approval of Our Gracious Overlord Seb.

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                    1. I never said I am.
                      But if this makes you never ever comment on the things I write, then I would gladly merge into that fandom.

                      I suppose that is not how it works, is it?


                    2. Oh? What’s this?
                      An ugly black cloud of trolling just.. disappeared! I can see sunshine! It burns my skin, but heck, I am free! YES!

                      For the record, I am not affiliated with ponies.
                      But hey, what does it matter, Woras is gone!

                      *cheers gleefully*







    #ArtyStopsCamping #ArtyHelpUW*nking




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