WoWS: Missouri Stats


12 thoughts on “WoWS: Missouri Stats

    1. i looked at all my ships to see how much free xp i could possibly convert to free xp and i only have 200,000 look i wasnt going to waste that amount of free xp on 1 ship anyway but that puts in to perspective just how insane of an amount this is.


  1. What kind of retard would spend 800k FE on a clone Iowa instead of unlocking every single battleship in every nation’s tech tree?
    Oh not to mention u actually get premium camo option to premiumise the vanilla Iowa
    Well played WG


  2. This is pretty disappointing…
    She is as maneuverable as the stock Iowa in terms of speed (which is ok, since 30.5 kts perfectly acceptable for a BB) and rudder shift (20.5 seconds vs. 15.6 secs). You’d think the reduction in speed might be offset by better turn radius or rudder shift speed, but no…
    Missouri also has slightly less HP and no discernable changes to armor model. Hey, if she had a lower citadel (yeah, yeah, it’s not happening…), I’d consider it. Or if they had the research cost lowered for those who already own Iowa (me). Plus, no radar :(

    Tl;dr Less maneuverable, no radar, less HP, can’t tell if there’s a change to her armor = not worth 800K free exp. Sad, cause I did want her.


  3. I’ve earned maybe 200.000 Free XP since i started WoWs after 1200 Matches.Lol.I think the Research Price will be updated, like the cost of “1 Credit”. :)

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  4. I’ve got over a million converted Free XP that I use for modules. No way would I blow that much on a ship that is no better than it’s tech tree peer when dressed up in premium camo. I am about 30% through the NC–much cheaper for me to free xp to the IOWA and buy the camo than this deal.


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