WoWS: Seagal Captain cannot be dismissed!

Bad news for the ones who wanted to get rid of him: you can’t.



16 thoughts on “WoWS: Seagal Captain cannot be dismissed!

  1. The problem with this mission is that its the amount of xp you have to grind for this guy. 70k? and you get 100 +50% crew exp flag and a +6 captain. For 70k. I’d be more willing to grind if it was +15.
    (cringy vibes aside.)


    1. You dont grind for Steven Seagal, you just play the game enjoy as usual and after a while Captain Steven Seagal is yours. Without you thinking it is a grind. It is so easy to play enough to get him in due time. I believe I will get him tonight. Basically we get him for free.


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