WoWS: Seagal Captain cannot be dismissed!

Bad news for the ones who wanted to get rid of him: you can’t.



16 thoughts on “WoWS: Seagal Captain cannot be dismissed!

  1. It’s a good thing we get reserve slots with the ARP missions ’cause that fecker doesn’t even come with his own.


  2. The problem with this mission is that its the amount of xp you have to grind for this guy. 70k? and you get 100 +50% crew exp flag and a +6 captain. For 70k. I’d be more willing to grind if it was +15.
    (cringy vibes aside.)


    1. You dont grind for Steven Seagal, you just play the game enjoy as usual and after a while Captain Steven Seagal is yours. Without you thinking it is a grind. It is so easy to play enough to get him in due time. I believe I will get him tonight. Basically we get him for free.


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