Server Bugs on RU

Wargaming reports that on 29 October at 02:01 (Moscow time), on the World of Tanks server, about 3700 players were banned.

EDIT: A slight misunderstanding happened here, the players were not banned but simply lost connection to the server. Deeply sorry.


13 thoughts on “Server Bugs on RU

    1. No, you are right, this cluster hadn’t really get a punishment since… ever.
      Even if they banned just 3700 players permanently, that would cause a shockwave effect, making the ‘less serious’ illegal mod users to back off.

      Or not, what do I know.

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  1. Seb,

    not sure if related but this week I had a couple of enemies shooting at me after I shot them exactly 2 times while unspotted. Looks fishy and I have been playing this game for a while with decent stats.
    It’s like they had a mod that traces your shooting location.


      1. Heh, yes, you don’t even need the new markers to do that. I can’t count the times where i got called a cheater or hacker before the global chat was disabled.
        Most maps have their 0815 positions, which i sometimes shoot even without knowing if someone is there due to lack of other targets, and well, every once in a while a shot connects – much to my amusement – which always caused the screaming and bitching in the chat.
        It’s also a nobrainer if you ding/catch a shot from a direction where you can see only one bush, or have that enemy tank that sits in the same spot for ages.


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