9.16: Somua SM

The tank reappeared again in the game files. It’s going to be a tier VIII premium heavy tank. Tests by Russian supertesters have shown that the vehicle is still suitable for the game, even with the new mechanics.

French heavy tank, presented by the competing designers as an alternative to the AMX 50. Work on it began in 1946 but the prototype was not developed until October 1951. The design uses German technology in the field of AFVs: it is equipped with a 100 mm gun with an automatic loading system installed in the oscillating turret. The tank was tested from January to July 1953, but with no promising results. As a result, the project was abandoned in favor of the AMX-50.

Link to Old Stats

New Stats:

Tier: 8, premium heavy
HP: 1400
Engine: 960 hp
Mass: 56 t
Power-to-weight: 17,14 hp / t
Max speed: 50 / -20 km / h
Hull turning speed: 32 °/s
Turret turning speed: 33,4 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,151 / 1,247 / 2,014
View range: 350 m
Radio range: 594,4 m

Hull armor: 120 / 50 / 70 mm
Turret armor: 70 / 60 / 60 mm

Gun: 100 mm SA47

Alpha Damage: 300 / 300 / 400
Penetration: 232 / 263 / 50 mm
Rate Of Fire: 5,281 rounds/minute
Damage Per Minute: 1584,4
Reload time (whole magazine): 41,806 s
Reload time between magazine rounds: 3,75 s
Rounds in magazine: 5
Accuracy: 0,364
Aiming time: 2,3 s
Depression/Elevation: -10 / +15


38 thoughts on “9.16: Somua SM

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  1. its seems like their trying to balance 40 degrees of gun dep but their doing it wrong in my opinion. instead of just giving it an absolutely horrific shell reload just add about 2 seconds to the full reload and a 2.4s aim time. having a shell reload that long just defeats the purpose of the tank and the opportunity for double tracking will be much smaller. its already losing a shot of damage it doesnt need any other balancing factors. i think their just nervous about putting in a premium autoloader and having it be too powerful. instead of that they seem to want to make it a bad tank. i think this will be the very first ht premium autoloader in the game.


    1. thats a pretty big exaggeration id say but french autoloaders at least can be easily taken down in a 1 on 1 if your able to make it miss 1once or twice or bounce then its screwed american and czs not soo much but they have their own weaknesses like the czs have no armor they can never get troll bounces that often with the only exception being the tier 9 but even bounces off that are rare. while the american autoloaders of tier 9 and 10 at least are just really slow and cant relocate well and below tier 8 suffer from lack of hp and low damage out put while tier 8 itself is very random in terms of where the gun hits and misses a lot even at close range.

      how id summarize them would be the french do best at range where their large profiles matter less and they can abuse their magazine reload being longer than their aim time so every shot will be at max accuracy. the czs are all about quick damage out put and running away to another flank to get some damage out there while being exposed for the smallest time possible because if their exposed too long theyll get torn apart. while americans are best up close and personal where they cant miss and can get damage out fastest and pull back behind allys as well as still being able to bounce shots from time to time.


    2. Say that for me and some old boys,…when that shit tanks come on the first hand, it was a hell !! 12t at tier 5! and CW battles ending at 4 min of battle swarms and batchat’s and amxs rushing and Clipping every one to death.. no one was prepared for that kind of battle that time, my clan lost 5 provinces for stupid Rich kids with moms cred-cards Clans(Converted XP)>

      That time it was hell :P


  2. As i recall one of WG idiots answered to the question “lorr 40t tier 8 prem ?”
    -> “no way, we don’t need tier 8 premium autoloader premiums”
    Something among those lines.


  3. Why do people complain? The the vk45a has 120mm frontal armor, less sloped and much less pen and same damage, and that is a regular tier 8 HT.


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