T26E5: Updated Stats

Old values in brackets. Only initial stats are known so far.

Tier: 8
HP: 1500
Max speed 40 / -20 km / h
Turret turning speed: 25 °/s (old: 26.1)
View range: 390 m

Alpha Damage: 240
Penetration: 212
Reload time: 7,2 s (7.384)
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,38 (0.364)
Aiming time: 2,3 s (2.21)


24 thoughts on “T26E5: Updated Stats

  1. Like wth. 1st it was going to be 190pen with 235 as gold. Then they buff it to 230pen with 259 as gold. Now it’s this……COME ON WG MAKE UP UR MIND!


  2. dissapointing nerf?

    no. it was putting T32 out of a job.

    for reference. right now (with this nerf)
    T26e5 has superior accuracy, pen, dpm, a superior upper plate

    but has inferior mobility, alpha, turret armor.

    and has about the same effective mantlet(yeah t26e5’s is weaker. but its still basicalyl impenetrable unless a tier 10 TD with gold hits it flat on).
    same aim time
    and turret is still very armored(pershing out of job)

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  3. IMO, this is probably older supertest stuff being re-tested before its release. On the TankRewards.com/patriot page, the tank’s penetration is still shown as 230, and in the promo video for it on Friday, they said it was done being supertested and would be arriving Soon(TM). I doubt the penetration is actually going to be changed back before release, as 230 APCR pen isn’t THAT different from 212 AP.

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        1. Eh… personally, I thought he meant it more in saying (i.e. calling someone “boy” or “son” when they have no relation… well, you get what I mean, hopefully) than as an insult or in a derogatory sense – at least, I didn’t take it the latter way. But either way, it’s kinda irrelevant to the point, I suppose. :P


      1. In theory, yes. In practice with tier 8 vehicles (especially heavy tanks), you meet vehicles with lots of sloped armor, which is a huge annoyance for vehicles, like this one, which fire APCR as standard. Even if the effective penetration value is higher, you end up bouncing more often due to the decrease in normalization, however small of a difference it may seem to make (see IS-3A vs. 110, for example: IS-3A has more pen, but tends to bounce more often due to having APCR standard – and yes, I know this from experience, having 3-marked the IS-3A, even though that was mostly just down to luck). Plus, RNG loves to troll APCR, even more so than HEAT against tracks/spaced armor.


        1. (Forgot to add some stuff to my previous comment, oops… wish I could just edit it, but WordPress is weird, so this’ll have to do. Apologies for the double-post)

          A better example could be the 112 vs. the IS-3A as well, albeit the 112 has preferential matchmaking. Even with this in mind, I find that I’m able to do much more damage (and pen targets more reliably) in my 112 in tier 8-and-9 matches than I can in the IS-3A in the same types of matchups (at least, post-buff, but the amount of damage blocked by armor is usually similar), despite having similarly-terrible gun handling and drastically-less penetration (112’s 175mm AP vs IS-3A’s 221mm APCR). Still, you probably get the point by now.

          Strangely, the difference is much more noticeable on tanks with weaker armor – APCR just loves bouncing off light/medium tanks, not to mention French heavies. That extra 2-3 degrees of normalization you get with AP might not seem like much of a difference, but it definitely helps with shells that hit at odd angles.

          Now, I do agree that 230mm APCR pen is nominally greater than 212mm AP pen, but all I’m saying is that in practice, it’s about the same, especially up at higher tiers (8-10).


        2. Yeah pretty much, on high tiers most tanks have sloped armor frontally and flat sides are usually thin enough so it doesn’t matter there and the rounds even out quite a lot, until you’re hitting like 60 degrees where AP will probably start being better.
          That being said, I’d take 230mm APCR over 212AP any day of the week because of better shell velocity and performance against flat armor.
          On the other hand, APCR tends to be expensive so as far as making money goes AP is better….

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  4. WIsh the Super-Pershing would get a bit of a Pen buff, as it seem every new tank get atleast about 200 pen, SP getting a bit redundant


    1. Well, almost every (read: actually every) new tank doesn’t get limited MM. They’re unlikely to touch Super Pershing, especially when it concerns hard stats like the penetration.


      1. An armor that doesn’t really protect you as most same and + tier tanks have enough pen to just smash through it without any effort? or the fact that it’s extremly easy to just not aim at the armor… as it’s weakspots are so open you could see them from space.
        The Preff MM is nice obviously but im not asking for 200+ pen, just 10 more or 15 more would be nice. if you are required to use premium ammo only to make it works, then it’s a failed concept.


  5. I think they should buff the pen on the stock gun of the T32 and buff the rate of fire to make it on par to the new tank and make it the elite gun, while letting the current 105mm gun be the stock gun


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