WoWS Q&A – 20th October 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU

From a video by getfun


the developer JamesWhite mentioned in his weekly stream that:

1). The Anshan and Arizona have the highest win rates in the current ranked season (RU server). They are followed by Atago, Takao, Bismarck, Cleveland and Benson.

2). The WG plans to remove some premium ships from the shop because of a general over-saturation of games with premium ships. A hot candidate for removal is Murmansk.


6 thoughts on “WoWS Q&A – 20th October 2016

  1. Removing the Murmansk because of the premium spam?

    I thought it would be because it’s OP as fuck.

    PS: Anshan and Lo-Yang are available for purchase in the tech tree

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  2. Removing some premium ships from the shop…. but lets tell the truth… NOT because of the “over-saturation” of games with premiums, but to make people buy them.It worked wonders in WoT every single time they did it.

    About the Murmansk…i haven’t encountered one for at least 2 months, i don’t see why it should be removed from the shop other than to boost sales (above).

    Scharnhorst and Tirpitz on the other hand….i see those more often than i see their “normal” sisterships, and in far greater numbers, and they’re far more effective. I except one of those to be removed as well, 100%…maybe even both.

    WG business as usual.

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    1. I would not say they are “more effective” I worry far more about the range on Bismarck’s secondaries than I do about Tirpitz’s torpedoes, And believe it or not, 283mm guns are not THAT effective especially when it comes to fighting other battleships, most of the time you get killed from range by higher calibres before you get close enough for them to become effective.


      1. True to that – i am worrying about Scharnhorst only when playing Atlanta or Mogami. Tirpitz on the other way is always worrying sight…


  3. After all the recent reviews, will they nerf the belfast before putting it on sale. I have Murmansk and Gremyashchy got them very early on play once in a while, but i am not a good enough player to get the best out of them.


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