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NOTE: It is not our insider, so the information may not be fully accurate.

-Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) may occasionally appear in stores. It is possible that it will cost a lot.
-T26E5, called by Supertesters “Jumbo Pershing” at the moment will not appear in the shops – it has improved from SuperPershing, but the tank does not impress, and therefore the Chrysler K is being tested instead.
-WG means to complete finalizing the Polish tech tree. They have at their disposal ruskie clones as hightier tanks so far.


33 thoughts on “Minsk Insider News

  1. -T26E5, called by Supertesters “Jumbo Pershing” at the moment will not appear in the shops – it has improved from SuperPershing, but the tank does not impress, and therefore the Chrysler K is being tested instead which is even less impressive than the Pershing Jumbo.

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  2. The Micro Maus was good but has been eclipsed by years of power creep. It is a pale shadow of a once mighty beast.
    Despite this I really enjoy mine, especially around Xmas for gift-tank clubbing ☺

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  3. sorry but i dont see the chrysler k working at tier 8 with that armor scheme a rear mounted turret a crap top speed and crappy pen for a tank that cant flank. i mean the ripper patton works because its quick its extremely flexible and can out maneuver things when its bottom tier this thing will struggle to sidescrape with 76 side armor and with a 30kmh top speed good luck out maneuvering anything faster than a t95.

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    Could somebody please ask any of the WG guys this things, i would much appreciate it !
    – Could you please look into T-54 mod.1 crew and make it compatible with the rest of USSR mediums (loader should have radio operator skills instead of commander, now radio skills are useless)
    – T-54 mod.1 ammo capacity buff is much needed, can they do something about it ?

    Something among those lines.
    Proper skills and more shells wouldn’t hurt the balance.


    1. Same for French mediums. Both AMX 30’s have Loader as a Radio Operator but both Tier8 prems have Commander as Radioman. Please unify this, as now it messes up the viewrange perks. :(


      1. I looked deeper into this thing and everything is messed up, even more than i thought.
        While top tiers have Commander (Radio) the lower tiers have Commander (Gunner) and Loader (Radio) which is complete shit when you go from T-54 up to tier 10 or wish to train your crew in the premium tanks.
        What i would suggest is giving premium tanks the ability to use the crew skills no matter what.
        “the rest of the USSR tree” – i take that back, i didn’t make sure to check all those t10 tanks because i never bought them. I have around 300k XP on my T-54 and well i just never bought t10…


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  5. So let me get this straight.
    They make a new replacement for the SPershing… then they want it to be better statistically?

    I must be missing something here.
    And how would the Chrysler Klown replace the SPershing anyway??

    Also, what’s the point of making the Polish tech tree if they will use red scum clones, wasn’t this a very specific criterium said by them that they will NOT use clones???

    So disapponting…

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    1. Because there are loads and loads of Polish players, who would throw even bigger loads of money at their screens just to play anything with a Polish flag on it. WG understands that and they will implement that tree no matter what!

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      1. Joke is on you, Karika found something that fits for a tier 10 tank!
        With that a tier 9 can be made and then the only thing left is finding a tier 8, which with some modification of the proposed tech tree, can be done.

        So basically it’s just a matter of time.
        Though you are correct, if they make a Pole tree, anything is possible!


          1. And here I was thinking that the Straussler MBT was a secret.

            Either case, with that the Hungarian tree can be completed.


    2. Of course the new tank must have better characteristics than the Super Pershing. Why? WG has developed an allergy against premium MM, and SPershing has that. By extension, this means that to compensate for the worse MM, the vehicle can be made a bit better.

      WG may also have gotten a bit happy in their pants when they observed how well some of the new better premium (SkorpionG, anyone?) have sold.

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          1. Of course I talk about the imbalanced craps that should break down every fifth minute in real life!
            Why, what did you think??


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