Chieftain Spotted on EU

Rykoszet’s insider tell that WG are testing the tank on EU and NA and are taking into account the following options: making it as a reward for any major event on the global map or make it appear in the UK tree. They also tell of a new tier IX tank being tested on the supertest.


45 thoughts on “Chieftain Spotted on EU

  1. What a letdown that would be for it to be a reward tank…for the majority of the populace demanding it. That’s just like WG though…bring back the Mauschen and potentially fuck up the Chieftain’s availability.

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        1. There was talk of replacing the current M48A1 Patton with the M60A1 Patton in an official Q&A or something, I can’t recall exactly what is was :L


  2. Making it CW reward would be so bad choice that not even WG (hopefully) would do something like that.

    There is so much wait and hype in general about this particular tank. It is more or less easily the most very wanted tank in the game. Making it CW reward would very likely make tons of people to quit.

    Also why not just make that T95/Chieftain CW reward (NOT Chieftain/T95, im talking about that tier 10 with T95 hull + Chieftain turret and gun)?

    I mean, why it is so hard to implement Chieftain? Im REALLY curious that what has been actually holding them for whole year??

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    1. Who hype this tank? Rita Bot or other british guys? A group of players isnt that important. I don’t hype this tank and I’m totally fine when it comes as CW reward,

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        1. I just saying that this bullshit hype should stop. Its a tank as any other existing or missing tank. Its nothing to be uber-special that needs any special treatment. I don’t care about the hype made by others. Bring it as CW reward and I will laugh about all the whinners.


  3. If they make the Chieftain some sort of CW reward after all the wait and putting it in as regular tank on the console, I will buy a fucking plane ticket to Ciprus and personally set them of fire!

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    1. Yeah!! Woooooo!! Threats over an extremely underwhelming rolling plastic bag of a “heavy” tank! Wooo riot!!!

      Grow up


  4. Well then.
    Here is what will happen.
    They will spend yet another half a year ‘testing’ it for ‘balance’.
    They will then tell lies about it, how it’s too OP or some other bull.
    Then they will nerf it till it’s practically useless.
    Then they will make it a clan wars reward.

    This is the most likely outcome. If I’m correct? I get the bragging rights.
    IfI’m wrong? Everyone is relieved.

    It’s a win-win! :D


    1. They haven’t implemented it being its a trash bag with a good gun mounted on it. Seriously it’s the single worst high tier HT platform I have ever seen. It’s basically taking a Stb1, breaking the engine, buffing the upper plate so that it’s still useless, and then calling it a heavy.

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      1. And other more suitable platforms are available.

        Though people want it because of its notoriety. I could care less personally, it’s not worth Shojo reviving for another month only for the players to burn out again.


  5. I hope they read forums and will make a correct decision with Chieftain.
    I personally don’t care that much but when i see everybody being so hyped about this tank… than i think about it as if it was a Tiger I or KV-1… in that case i would stop playing this game.


        1. Tog at least has good gun for its tier, T7 heavy HP pool and premium MM. FV201 has the same gun, worse accuracy, is 1 tier higher and has normal MM. At least it gets early VStabs.


  6. Just add the damn tank to the tree…so sick and tired of seeing potentially good tanks becoming clan wars rewards when they destroyed clan wars already to where its a major slog as opposed to before it was a fun challenge.


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