WoWS : Crates are coming in 0.5.13

Thanks to Urakaze.

In patch 0.5.13, the daily mission system will be replaced by Crates.

-Crates will be refreshed on a daily basis like daily missions, but crates could be acquired 3 times a day, instead of one completion per day like missions.
-Players will be rewarded with a crate for each milestone reached (2000, 12500 and 37000 XP accumulated per day; placeholder for now)
-Crates do not expire; unopened crates will be stacked up

There are currently 4 types of crates:
-Credit crate
-Premium Consumable crate
-Signal Flag crate
-Random crate (Chances to win premium ships and other goodies)

The actual rewards in the crates are not known yet, but from gamescom footage, it is certain that only the “Random” crate will drop premium ships

Since the crates are coming, we need more badges to fill our Achievements tab don’t we
-Get/Open 10 crates

-Get/Open 100 crates

-Get/Open 1,000 crates

-Get/Open a crate daily for 5 days

Also, apparently a new mode is headed our way


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