Free Tank for Christmas

❄ Sources say that the L-60 will be the Christmas present for this year – or for 2017. It’s a tier II premium light tank.

Stats and Pictures


17 thoughts on “Free Tank for Christmas

    1. receiving the L60 doesn’t not mean it won’t also be a part of the sweedish tech tree, from the render we can assume it will be armed with a autocannon while the regular L60 should have more “coventional” cannon options making it more competitive than the “premium/gift” L60 and thus obeying both the general rule for a premium (no better than a regular vehicle of the same tier and class) but also a gift tank (more often then not being a crappy tank, at least even inferior to “normal” premium tanks)

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      1. didn’t notice my error before posting: “doesn’t not mean” I was indicise between simply writing “doesn’t mean” and “does not mean” and ended mixing both

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        1. now they released the video about the swedish tree and said “several light lines, several medium lines and 2 TD lines”, by several I would assume they mean at least 2 lines and in the initial tech tree there’s only 2 light tanks with no light tank line, I would guess the L60 will be added in the first (or only) “independent” (as in exclusive) swedish light line since we now know medium, light and arty will be added later

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  1. Hmmm, so a downgraded Toldi III.
    Yes, my Pretty Princess Panzer II J will love this! XD
    Ah, I can already hear the dinging of the bullets richeting off of my armor plates! :D

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  2. Hell yes!!! Will buy the new premium tank, quit my job and grind the living shit out of the crew. Must be ready for this new monster of a x-mas gift.


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