WoWS Q&A – 10th October 2016

Thanks to Babykim, EU
Summary of a video by z1000 on best ships by tiers according to statistics from 25 percent sample of the RU cluster, as of today.
This list is based purely on XP, damage and win rate, not personal impressions of the author.
The list of ships is in the decreasing order of goodness (>), the last ships in the list are the worst performers.
Separately on carriers, Japanese carriers perform better on all tiers, except tier 7 (Saipan)
Tier 2: Umikaze
Tier 3: Bogatyr > Nassau
Tier 4: Isokaze > Imperator Nikolai I
Tier 5: Fujin/Kamikaze/Minikaze > Gremyashchy > … > Bogue
Tier 6: Arizona > Cleveland > … > Bayern > Mutzuki > Ognevoi
Tier 7: Scharnhorst > Gneisenau > Blyskawica > Flint > Atlanta > … > Hatsuharu
Tier 8: Bismark > Mikhail Kutuzov > Atago > ARP Takao > … > Tashkent > New Orleans (Hipper and Eugen are also bad)
Tier 9: Friedrich der Große > Roon > … > Kagero > Baltimore
Tier 10: Große Kurfürst > Khabarovsk > … > Shimakaze > Des Moines
Summary of a video by getfun on the forthcoming reward crates, which have been showcased at Gamescom 2016.
When a player accumulates 2.000, 12.500 or 37.000 XP, he can open a crate. The rewards include credits, doubloons, consumables, signals and (yet unspecified) random items. The Gamescom video shows that doubloons can only be received as a random item.
Some information (little new) from a recent stream by JamesWhite:
1. Complaints about the new economy slowly abate.
2. The RN cruisers are still being tested. They appear to have found an interesting niche for them.
3. The depot is forthcoming, but will be different than that in WoT.
4. Team battles will reappear after the introduction of clan functionality, to provide a stronger incentive for playing them.
5. The developers are thinking of a server-side replay functionality, i.e. replays will not be recorded locally but globally for all.